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This meetup is for anyone interested in high-end, epic, creative studio photo shoots!! Models, photographers, makeup/hair stylists... whether seasoned professionals or weekend-warriors, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. Shoots will be organized around a central, creative theme with focus on creating unique, epic images! This will be a great opportunity for members to network, shoot, and showcase their work in a safe environment. Let's create something truly epic!

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Intro to High Key Fashion Portraiture with Mimi!!!

Infinity Point Studio


"High-key" photography (to be all technical about it) is the practice of creating an image where the dynamic range (ie. difference) between the brightest and the darkest parts of the image is greatly reduced. Done well this creates a stunning, bright, airy portrait dominated by whites and bright tones with muted shadows.

In this workshop/groupshoot we are going to explore some really cool and creative lighting setups you can use for high-key portraiture. And joining us will be the multi-talented model/actress/designer Mimi Paraflox!

While this is intended as an introduction to the techniques behind high-key photography we will be playing with some pretty complex lighting setups by the end of the session so even seasoned photographers should find something new here! And even if you are a straight up beginner I will be here to walk with you every step of the way so PLEASE COME TO THIS EVENT and join our community! Don't be intimidated, this is a no-ego zone and a safe place for creatives to learn and build friendships!

Cost is $99 per person. MeetUp requires you to pay via PayPal to register but if you want to reserve a space and pay with Venmo or cash just message me directly.

Annnnd, the legal stuff. We will be following all state mandated requirements in light of the COVID pandemic. Therefore, please bring your masks, we will not have any spares available. We will also be enforcing social distancing and, as such, will be limiting the event to only 5 photographers. If we get enough interest I may open up a second event.

Finally, I will be offering 30 and 60 minute one-on-one sessions with Mimi both before and after the event so if you would like to book some time with her just let me know (all sessions include use of the studio, all lights and equipment, and property).

If there are any questions please let me know! See you there!


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