What we're about

Hello there creative and talented women of Houston.
Are you looking for other creative women? Do you want to branch out and make friends with a plethora of interests? Do you have a hard time finding a group that might be good for you since most groups are so specific? This group might be just perfect for you!

Let's meet up and have an amazing time! It may be a concert, a brunch, a goddess party, a museum outing, a paint party, a shopping day, or maybe just a movie night. Perhaps we could plan a trip, volunteer locally, or go skating and eat pizza! Let's get together, share our dreams, plans, aspirations, ideas, and make the most of each day.

Some words that I would choose to describe this group are:
Authentic, brilliant, strong, fun, creative, kind, accepting, sincere, versatile, magical, supportive, empowering, easy-going, adventurous, philosophical, resourceful, and sisterhood.

My name is Chelsea, and I am a teacher, author, artist, writer and musician in the Houston area. I am starting this group in hopes of creating positive circles for creative women.

Let's empower one another, create, and make awesome friendships.

Upcoming events (4)

Lunch and Laughs at Yard House

Yard House

Hello wonderful creatives! Wanna grab lunch? Let’s meet up and mingle about our projects that we are currently working on! Are you working on a book? A painting? A work project? A film? Let’s meet up and share our creative juices! Looking forward to it! There is normally a great amount of parking over by the container store. See you Sunday the 29th -Chelsea

Halloween Tie-Dye For!

Event location

Hello creatives! You are invited to a fun get together at my place! We will be painting pumpkins and tie-dying! It will be simply TIE DYE for :) Bring a pumpkin that you would like to paint, and bring anything white you would like to tie-dye! Think outside the box with maybe an apron, a pair of socks, or maybe a dress! What would you like to tie-dye? I will supply the acrylic paint for the pumpkin painting as well as the tie-dye for our tie-dye for items. Make sure you bring 1. A pumpkin to paint 2. Something to tie-dye Snacks and “snacky” foods will be served! This event is free! I just want to create some fun opportunities to mingle and create! -Chelsea

Denim Jacket Party

Event Location

How long has it been since you’ve completely decked out and bedazzled a denim jacket? Well I don’t know how cold it will be this November (probably not at all) but that WILL NOT stop me from rocking a fly patched jacket! Make sure you bring a jacket you would like to decorate! Tap into your inner Lisa Frank! You know you want to! This event is $10 to help me pay for the patches! I will also supply bubble paint for the jackets as well as light snacks and beverages. -Chelsea

Paint and sip cocoa!

Event Location

You remember those paint-by-numbers, right? Why are they so soothing and awesome? The world may never know. RSVP to meet up and unwrap a Christmas gift! Each Christmas gift is a wrapped paint-by-number! Each one is different! So we will all be avidly working on our canvases together! We will listen to music, sip cocoa, and be merry! What you will need to bring? 1. A food contribution (whatever you would like) 2. $25 to help me afford the paint-by-numbers Again, each paint by number is wrapped and each is different. So your canvas is a surprise! Looking forward to it! -Chelsea

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