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This is a reading/social group for women with an emphasis on books about self-empowerment and improvement, spirituality and consciousness, philosophy, science, art, and any other topics that we decide as a group would be exciting to explore! We will meet up once a month to have meaningful conversations, sometimes attending an event, film, or museum exhibit.

Suggestions for books to read are welcome and encouraged!

It does cost me $20 a month to maintain this Meet Up because there are more than 50 members. Any donations are greatly appreciated!

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Creative Women's Reading Circle - February 2019

Needs a location

***Please note, this meeting needs a location!*** The book for February is our fiction selection, "Unsheltered" by Barbara Kingsolver. Here's a description from Amazon: An Amazon Best Book of October 2018: In her insightful and politically charged new novel, Barbara Kingsolver finds deep resonances between the Victorian era’s attitudes towards science and our own. Unsheltered begins on the eve of the 2016 presidential election, when Willa, a freelance journalist whose family has fallen on hard times, discovers that the house they’ve moved into has a “nonexistent foundation.” Hoping to enlist restoration help from a historical society, Willa traces the origins of the house to Thatcher Greenwood, a science teacher who lived there in the 1870s, and his neighbor, a real-life woman biologist named Mary Treat, whose research supported Charles Darwin’s theory of the origin of species. Just as Darwin’s theory challenged the Victorian belief in the Judeo-Christian creation myth, so too, in Willa’s era, does global warming challenge prevailing myths about the future of civilization. Kingsolver, whose 1998 novel The Poisonwood Bible was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, carries off this cleverly structured dual narrative with aplomb and with a certain degree of rage at charismatic politicians, both past and present, whose disregard for science puts humanity in peril. –Sarah Harrison Smith, Amazon Book Review Looking ahead, the book for March is "In Pieces" by Sally Field (nonfiction) ~*~*~ Please note: I am moving away from Colorado and will be stepping down as the organizer of this group. I have named 2 of the regular attendees as co-hosts to allow them to edit the location once it is selected. At this point in time, there is no named organizer for this group. If you have interest, please Meetup message me and I'll give you the inside scoop!

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Creative Women's Reading Circle - January 2019

4550 Larkbunting Dr

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