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To take precautions TODAY's workshop will NOW be held on SKYPE.
- starting at 6pm

Please add me here on Skype:
or find me under Skype name : kcreativem so I can add you to take part in the workshop.
Please find more info here:

I look forward to meeting you virtually and hosting this amazing workshop online .

Big love and keep safely tucked away at home!!

xx ~ Feel your current job or career is not fulfilling you & you feel you could do more
~ You do not know where to start your career change
~ You feel you do not know what else to do
~ You keep ending up in the same type of job even though you want to do something else

A free Meetup event focusing on the Kick-start your Career Flow FORMULA to unearth how to Find your Career Flow and create an amazing, purpose driven career.

" Petra is fabulous and so passionate about helping others to find their Career Flow. The workshop content is excellent as is the opportunity to interact with others’’ Stephanie Z. – Executive PA

The workshop - Finding Your Career Flow

The first steps to making a change in your career and life is to be clear on what YOU want to do. This is of course not the only piece to the puzzle but an important directive that enables things to flow. Once this is clear the rest will follow with far more ease than you think.

In this workshop you will:

- Get familiar with the six F’s of the Kick-start your Career Flow FORMULA on how to Find your Career Flow

- Kick-start your unique Career Flow formula

- How to know when you have found your Career Flow

-Understand how important Career flow is when making a career
transition or looking for a new job

There will only be a maximum of six participants attending making it a private event with you being able to ask questions relation to your particular Career change stage at the end.

The evening will commence at 6pm and will make you think about the above questions and give you clarity in being able to answer them. Please bring pen, paper and your business cards with you. There will be free lemon water. Please make sure you are on time so that you can get the most of the workshop.

PLEASE NOTE! This is now a #SKYPE # workshop!!
** Due to the corona virus this event will be held On SKYPE. Once you sign up you will receive an email on Meetup as to how to take part. Please confirm your spot with the link attached otherwise a spot is NOT reserved for you.**
About the organizer

I found it a real challenge to find my Flow. I’d been of the belief that work was tiring, boring and all consuming so I did not, at first, question why I was feeling exhausted, stressed and hopeless working as a paralegal and studying at Law School. What had happened was that I had followed my late father’s dream to become a high flying solicitor.

When this finally dawned on me and I finally had the courage to leave the legal field (and quit Law School) with it's rat race, exhausting hours and bad habits, I was so disconnected from myself that I did not know what else to do!

I was completely stranded –I’d lost my direction, my passion – My Flow. A scary and confusing time. This however took me on an incredible and empowering journey where I realised how powerful and life changing Finding & Following our Flow can be.

In the Flow

Today I'm an artist and a Career and Confidence Coach, the founder of Coaching, speaker, trainer and have done workshops for private and corporate events including the Cabinet Office, O2, Glo, charities like Mac UK and St Christopher’s Fellowship.

I look forward to meeting you there.

Kind regards,