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The problem today is that... By age eight years old, most of us have largely stopped dreaming and exercising our creative abilities as we should. This MeetUp group has been (and continues to be) designed to help the participants to re-connect with their creativity through exercises and activities with other individuals of a like mind and desire.

Our group meetings are usually held on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month in the Loucks Room at the York YMCA (which is also the host venue for meetings for York Toastmasters Club). Space in the membership list is limited. Therefore, your answers to the three questions asked when joining the group are significantly important. (Those three questions are as follows: What attracts you to be a member of the Creativity Club of York? What do you want to gain from this group membership? What do you have to contribute to this group?)

Our recent MeetUp on January 14, 2020, was our best and most attended session to date and... we are looking to improve... Feedback on sessions is highly desired in order to serve a needy, growing community of those who want the most out of their creative abilities. Answers to these questions are considered to be highly relevant:

1) What did you enjoy or like the most about this MeetUp experience?

2) What is the one thing we can do differently to give you a better experience?

3) What should we stop doing or start doing to add the most value for every attendee?

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