What we're about

Create something awesome with us, and make some new friends! As creative and ambitious entrepreneurs, developers, and creators, we want to have fun and pursue our passion for technology, often including pizza, the go-to for most techies.

We'll also be innovating new projects to create together! Twice a year we will bring a product (physical or digital) to market, and all our members can contribute. Members will be encouraged to develop your own product that will grow your business, and we'll discuss which tools and strategies are best.

In discussions we cover topics like internet marketing, web development, making money online, how to get more customers, growing your tech business, advertising and marketing, getting business capital, online business success, and similar topics.

Types: Startup businesses, internet business owners, people who are interested in starting an online business, youtubers, video editors, graphic designers, mobile developers are all welcome as well as other tech-related fields including health, gaming, and more.

Areas: Wake Forest, North Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill

Upcoming events (4)

Elements for a Profitable Online Business

Needs a location

Get together for food and to discuss the elements and strategies that successful tech entrepreneurs use to be wildly profitable with online business.

Strategy Roundtable: Most Effective Entrepreneurial Time Management Strategies

As an entrepreneur, it's easy to get overloaded, too many things to do, not enough time. This is why it's essential for an entrepreneur - both newbies and seasoned business owners - to continue to learn new and more effective strategies for managing your time. We will go over proven working advice that is practical and that you can begin implementing immediately in order to optimize time utilization and ultimately grow your bottom line and profit.

Utilizing Content Production For Business Growth

Needs a location

Ever wondered how to grow your business using blogs, youtube, or podcasts? We will discuss effective strategies for using content production as a method of business growth through producing useful and relevant content.

Brainstorming Roundtable: First Product Ideas

Needs a location

Today we will get together over pizza and discuss the first ideas for our collaborative project, and we can also discuss each individual's idea that they will be creating in order to grow their business.

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