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This group's for all the creative, artistic, philosophical and curious people in Shanghai. Forget small talk, let's share ideas, let's chat about books, art, philosophy, film, politics, performance, religion and whatever else makes our heads spin and our hearts grow. If you want to start a project this may be the place for you. If you want collaborators this may the place for you. If you just want to meet up with some like-minded people in this business-crazy city and learn and share a little, then this may be the place for you.

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Elevate ⋮ is a Shanghai-based arts organisation. It provides a path for artists and audiences alike to participate in the Shanghai arts world. Through events, art sales and community-driven projects, we create meaningful experiences that are open to all.

Upcoming events (2)

[Free] The Incredible Artistic Photography of Igor Huszág

This Sunday, 17th Februry, we will be hosting a free artist talk followed by drinks with Igor Huszág at Un Caffe Bar on Jiangning Road. 本周日,我们有幸与艺术家Igor Huszág在Un Caffe Bar举办座谈会,无须门票,欢迎参加 Igor is a multi-disciplinary artist, living and working in Shanghai. Inspired by and curious about human nature, he explores various dimensions of visual communication in both traditional and digital forms. Igor现居于上海,是一名涉猎多领域的艺术家。他好奇于人类或正统教条或光怪陆离的本性,以多种形式探索人们各维度的视觉认知。 He plays with light and shadow, colour and shape, and brings a joyful aesthetic, be it realistic or abstract, explicit or obscure. 在光影的追逐,颜色与性状的把玩之际,他带来或现实或抽象,或具体或晦涩的审美愉悦。 Huszág grew up in Montenegro, where he completed his studies in visual and fine arts, and exhibited his artwork at both regional and international exhibitions. He is currently attending master studies at the School of Design of Shanghai Jiaotong University. 成长于黑山这一地中海国度,Igor Huszág学习了视觉艺术与美术,其作品在许多大小地区或国际的展览上进行展出。他目前在上海交通大学的设计学院进行深造。 He will be talking about his journey as an artist, about his work, techniques, perspectives, and will take questions from the audience. 他将与大家分享他的艺术之旅,他的作品,技巧,以及创作的灵感,并与听众探讨大家所感兴趣的种种。 Event schedule, Sunday 17th Februry 活动时间,2月17日的周日 4.45pm, Doors open 开门时间[masked]pm, Presentation 个人展示[masked]pm, Q&A 问答环节 6.00pm onwards, drinks and chat 饮酒畅聊 Location 地址 Un Caffe Bar 7/F, 77 Jiangning Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai 江宁路77号7楼, 近南京西路 Looking forward to seeing some old faces and some new. As always, if you'd like to be added to our group chat you can add Charley (ID CharleyUtton), and if you'd like to follow our official WeChat account scan the QR code below. 不论你是老朋友,还是新面孔,我们都非常期待你的到来。欢迎扫描下方Elevate二维码,或是添加微信号 CharleyUtton 以获得更多资讯。

[Free] Tuesday Tunesday: Jazz and Blues Edition Social

Emptiness Danshui Lu

Creative people unite! Our weekly social, Tuesday Tunesday, returns. Tuesday Tunesday is an opportunity to meet some wonderful creative peeps, have a chat, and listen to some great music. This week's music is focused on jazz and blues. We have put together a playlist that will knock your socks off. What is Tuesday Tunesday? It is our weekly social event where we drink, we chat, we listen to great music. There are always some new faces, and always some old, and we act as hosts so that everyone feels welcome, whether they come alone or with friends. It's a place where you can share ideas, chat about books, art, philosophy, film, politics, performance, religion and whatever else makes your head spin or heart grow. But there's no pressure - small talk is fine too. Each week we have a particular genre of music at the heart of the event, hence the name, Tuesday Tunesday. These range from trip hop and neo-soul, to jazz, blues and even Christmas music (when seasonally appropriate, of course). We spend a lot of time on the playlists for these events, trying to play the very best of what a genre has to offer. As usual if you'd like to join the group chat you can add me (ID CharleyUtton) and I'll invite you in. This always gets busy, as it is promoted on platforms outside of Meetup too :) Cheers! Charley

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