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This group's for all the creative, artistic, philosophical and curious people in Shanghai. Forget small talk, let's share ideas, let's chat about books, art, philosophy, film, politics, performance, religion and whatever else makes our heads spin and our hearts grow. If you want to start a project this may be the place for you. If you want collaborators this may the place for you. If you just want to meet up with some like-minded people in this business-crazy city and learn and share a little, then this may be the place for you.

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Elevate ⋮ is a Shanghai-based arts organisation. It provides a path for artists and audiences alike to participate in the Shanghai arts world. Through events, art sales and community-driven projects, we create meaningful experiences that are open to all.

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[Free] Tuesday Tunesday: Jazz and Blues Edition Social

Creative people unite! Our bi-weekly social, Tuesday Tunesday, returns. Tuesday Tunesday is an opportunity to meet some wonderful creative peeps, have a chat, and listen to some great music. This week's music is focused on jazz and blues. We have put together a playlist that will knock your socks off. What is Tuesday Tunesday? It is our bi-weekly social event where we drink, we chat, we listen to great music. There are always some new faces, and always some old, and we act as hosts so that everyone feels welcome, whether they come alone or with friends. It's a place where you can share ideas, chat about books, art, philosophy, film, politics, performance, religion and whatever else makes your head spin or heart grow. But there's no pressure - small talk is fine too. Each week we have a particular genre of music at the heart of the event, hence the name, Tuesday Tunesday. These range from trip hop and neo-soul, to jazz, blues and even Christmas music (when seasonally appropriate, of course). We spend a lot of time on the playlists for these events, trying to play the very best of what a genre has to offer. As usual if you'd like to join the group chat you can add Ellie (ID bluetown-803) and I'll invite you in. This always gets busy, as it is promoted on platforms outside of Meetup too :) Cheers! Charley & Ellie

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