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Are you a fan of Critical Role?


Did you follow the journey of Vox Machina to its epic conclusion? Are you currently following the crazy (and sometimes not so nice), exploits of the Mighty Nein?

If so, I am trying to start a group for people that love this “show/game”, as much as I do. Who would have thought that watching 6-7 people play Dungeons and Dragons would turn into something that thousands of people watch each week. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then maybe this is an introduction to you of something really special.

What it is. Here is a video from one of the members of the community explaining what Critical Role is.


Back in about 2012 a group of video game voice actors got together to run a game of Dungeons and Dragons as a birthday present to one of them. Only a few of the have ever played any type of tabletop roleplaying games. The result? They loved it, and started a weekly game that lasted about 3 years until Geek and Sundry approached them in 2015 and asked if they would be willing to stream it on their Twitch.

3 years later they have a following around the world that watch a gaming session of 3-4 hours and it has the nicest online community I have ever come across.

The idea is to get together a few times a month (more if people are into it), to talk about the latest exploits of the Mighty Nein. Or to rehash the Vox Machina Campaign. Maybe you are involved in a Dungeons and Dragons game due to this. Or would like to join one. All things are possible.

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First meetup!

Steel Cactus Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

I thought Thursday would be a good night for this, since that is the night each new ep hits. Get together, talk about the show and then we all go home and people (at least some), will watch it live. :)

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