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Future of healthcare. How do we start creating high-impact med-tech solutions?
The population is aging rapidly and healthcare costs are growing at a horrifying rate. We cannot sustain current models for long. It’s time to think outside the box. This talk will offer an inside look into health and pharma industry. The way technology penetrates into this space and how you can save lives by developing new med-tech solutions too. So if you like geeking over innovation, science, medicine, tech or have an idea, that you want to discuss, don’t hesitate to join. This talk will be held by Roman Kalista MD., an industry insider, and tech enthusiast.


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The contemporary world is shaped by Data and information systems, however our mindset and culture is yet to catch up with the enormous effect it has on the way we live our life and the way we do business. Thanks to the international effort of data experts, now there is a globalmomentum around impact of Data on our society. At critical tech meetup we gather together to exchange knowledge, run lectures and workshops and educate ourselves and each other on various data related subjects. Our aim is to shed some lights on the importance of a responsible and ethical data-driven society, and to practice a literate and critical voice, which can positively influence the currentengine of change.

Three pillars:

1) Data Security: Cyber-Criminology, Cyber-Security by Diana (

2) Data Law, Digital law, e.g. GDPR by Sissela (

3) Data Science: Data Analysis, Machine Learning by Farnaz (

Data Science: Within our Data Science pillar, we will heavily focus on python programming and varioustechniques and methods for analysing big Data Sets. We try to find an answer to questions suchas; What does BigData mean? How to build data infrastructures for our businesses? How toanalyse and extract insights from a dataset with Python, SQL and Machine Learning? How tobuild relevant applications with BigData? And many more...-Python programming for Data Analysis-Machine Learning-Tableau for data visualization

Cyber Criminology & Security: Exploring different forms of cybercrime and antisocial/ harmful behavior online. We usetechnologies such as the Internet ubiquitous in our daily lives, some with good intentions, otherswith intentions to inflict harm. With a cyber-criminological approach, we will look at multiplefactors to explain anti-social behavior online. This could include a typology of cybercriminals andtheir intentions, modus operandi and victimology. With this knowledge, we can start tounderstand certain crimes and develop best practices to combat them and develop preventivemeasurements. We want to encourage critical thinking towards technology when looking atthese phenomena from a socio-technological perspective and challenge the question: Is the human really the weakest link in cyber security? #knowledgesharing #userawareness #usinginsecuretech #usingbiasedalgorithm #darknet

Digital Law: Deconstructing those legal issues that digital entrepreneurs come across when developing their business, such as handling personal data (GDPR), commercialising intellectual property, licensing issues, marketing, owning a business, and raising capital...

Discuss and learn how you can work efficiently with legalities to grow your business and avoidunnecessary risk.

Keywords: Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, GDPR, Cybercrime, socio-tech, criticalthinking, IoT security, IoT Architecture, extortion online

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