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"A Critique of 'New Physics'" by Mike Gimbel.

New York Author Mike Gimbel will speak on his new book: Dialectical Materialism Vs. the “New Physics”: A Response to the Myths Created by an Idealistic Theory Called Relativity, as well as the ideological undercurrent of the “New Physics”. Open discussion and Q&A to follow the presentation. The book is strongly endorsed by Glenn Borchardt, Ph.D., director of the Progressive Science Institute.

Mike was a “Red Diaper Baby”. Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston and Mike’s Father were dubbed “The Three Muskateers”. Mike’s mother got out “The Worker” when it was banned. Mike’s mother, secretly, had possession of the mailing list. Mike’s mother also recruited Harry Belafonte, amongst others, into the CP. Mike’s two brothers were court-martialed during the Korean War. His other brother, the merchant seaman, during the McCarthy witch-hunt, spoke on the dais at Madison Square Garden in opposition to the kicking out of communists from the NMU.

Mike dropped out of college in January, 1965 to organize against the Vietnam War. In December, 1967 Mike Joined Worker’s World Party (WWP) and remained an active member of WWP for more than 45 years, participating in many historic actions and events.

In 1972 Mike was elected president of the 2nd largest union chapter in Local 375, AFSCME, while working in New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Local 375 represents almost 7,000 professional and technical workers in New York City government. Mike served on eight union negotiating teams, and for a short period, was the head of that negotiating team. Mike, for many years, was a delegate to the New York City Central Labor Council. Mike retired in 2007, but remains active in the union and is, currently, the appointed chairperson of the union’s Labor/Community Unity Committee (LCUC).

Mike is a co-coordinator of the May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights. The May 1st Coalition organizes the huge annual rallies and marches that start from Union Square in New York City on May 1st.

Concurrently with the above union and political work and DEP employment, Mike wrote an annual book, from 1990 to 1994, entitled “Mike Gimbel’s Baseball Player & Team Ratings” and was hired as the primary advisor to the General Manager of the Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos Major League Baseball teams (from 1991-1997), in regards to player evaluation and player acquisition. Mike was “Moneyball” prior to the “Moneyball” pictured in the hit movie of that name.

Concurrently with the union and baseball work, Mike became alarmed by the nonsense that was being popularized as the “New Physics”. Mike was shocked by the idealism being passed off as the “new physics”. Mike spent several years investigating the background of this sad situation for science. His book “Dialectical Materialism vs. The New Physics” is the product of that research.

Currently, Mike does statistical analysis of the employment information published by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Mike distributes the results of his analysis by email and on Facebook. Mike’s analysis shows that the current unemployment rate is actually 15.77%, not the 6.68% reported by the BLS.

Breakfast Buffet $12.00 Coffee only $3.00. We need to plan for the room setup and meal, so if you are going to attend, please RSVP on Meetup.