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歡迎來到跨領域對話!我們是一個為促進跨產業交流而創立的聚會活動,於每月底邀請不同產業的菁英前來擔任講師,根據各自專精的題目來進行簡報。另外我們每週也會在臉書粉絲頁 (https://www.facebook.com/cidialogue)上擷取國際新聞進行摘要介紹,請大家多多支持。

Welcome to Cross-Industry Dialogue! We invite professionals from different industries and sectors to come to our events and give presentations based on their field of expertise. Additionally, we also manage a facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/cidialogue/) with a focus on summaries of international news. If you are interested in continuous learning and are open to hearing about knowledge from different industries, please feel free to drop by at one of our events any time!

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