What we're about

Is the other side really nuts?

Find out by joining our open discussion group that is inclusive of all views (conservative, liberal, independent, libertarian, etc.).

Our Mission:

CPL’s Mission to foster civility and community among politically dissimilar Americans by transcending divisive media politics through mediated, face to face discussion groups that explore our shared values and interests as individuals and as a nation.

Our Approach (friendly, respectful, fun):

Our discussions provide an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings about politics and issues, and to listen to others to better understand why American's believe what we believe (without the media filter). Too much of what we think we know about others' views is informed by what's on our screens (TV, phone, computer, etc.). Let's get together to talk In Real Life to separate fact from fiction -- while doing so we might even come up with solutions to prove that real Americans with different views can collaborate respectfully!

***Discussions are moderated to ensure conversations remain open and friendly. Please come prepared to listen and learn with an open mind and open heart. No judgement, just conversation.

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