NOW VIRTUAL: Modern Tensions: Nationalism vs. Globalism


NOW VIRTUAL: Several members have reached out to us suggesting we reschedule this meeting due to Corona virus. Rather than do that, we are shifting from in-person to virtual. This link will take you to our Zoom conference room:

You can join via desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, though desktop/laptop are best.

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One of the core elements of disagreement between the left and the right has to do with how we balance the needs of our country with the needs of the planet as a whole. There are many dimensions to this topic, including, but certainly not limited to: where loyalty to country vs the planet fits in with an overall belief system, the impact on the world economy of both globalism and nationalism, and the role of governments in this divide. At this meetup, the group will decide which direction the conversation will go. Some questions we may explore include:

* What’s so bad about Nationalism? About Globalism? What’s good about them?
* Why does an individual support one concept over the other?
* What impact does nationalism have on the global economy?
* How can we tell whether a policy or behavior is nationalist? Globalist?
* Where are individual, national, and global identities observable?

(This topic was selected by CPL Members through our #VirtualDemocracy Poll! -- Thank you to all who participated)

Pre-read Material:
- 18 Huge Globalization Pros and Cons (
- 13+ Pros and Cons of Nationalism - Ultimate Advantages and Disadvantages (
- How Nationalism and Globalism can Coexist -- TEDtalk ([masked])
-Nationalism is Weird (
- Globalization in the Modern World (
- What is Patriotism? Definition, Examples, Pros and Cons (

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