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What we’re about

Who's Part Of This Meetup:

This Meetup group is for Atlanta-area entrepreneurs, doers, learners, and folks who are inspired to create. Our members are willing to learn and are encouraged to share their insights with our community. If you have already run a campaign -- successful or not -- we would love to have you in our group so we can all benefit from the the insights you've gained from your experience.

This Meetup is designed for two main groups of people: (1) For all those who are preparing for a crowdfunding campaign and would like to have their project reviewed and critiqued prior to launch, and (2) For all those who are in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign and need direction on how to best succeed with the time they have left.

What We Are About:

We strive to foster a collaborative learning environment where participants actively share insights, advice, and ways to help each other succeed with their crowdfunding ventures. We seek to create a support system for all of Atlanta’s entrepreneurs, artists, and technologists. This is not a group with an inside agenda operating behind closed-doors meetings where politics dictate who is in and who is out. Rather, we're all about being inclusive, believing that we all have something to offer and to learn from one another.

Our Methodology:

The majority of our organizer's knowledge base is is built around the principles of Lean Crowdfunding, specifically the ideas of customer development and validated learning. He has also combined this with extensive research on best practices in crowdfunding and social entrepreneurship. This method is intended to help minimize incorrect market assumptions before launching a campaign.

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