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What we’re about

CrowdGoers is a Meetup group for folks who are interested in, working on, or aspiring to work on all things related to crowdfunding. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a part of a crowdfunding platform, or are involved in the wider community of tech and policy driving the growing world of crowdfunding - this Meetup is for you. First and foremost, we believe in the power of knowledge sharing and community building. There are lots of people in this field, and it is growing in big ways every day. The people in this Meetup are the people who are leading the way forward - who better to come meet, learn from, and bounce around ideas with? Through a series of talks, panels, member-led brown bags, and roundtable discussions, we will explore a range of relevant and timely issues that have an impact on your crowdfunding work. If you have a special interest, you are always welcome let us know and help plan an event. As the final rules are written for equity-based crowdfunding, what better place to join your peers than in DC, where this new form of capital access was just signed into law last year! As CrowdGoers progresses, we are sure to explore equity, reward, and debt-based crowdfunding issues, in addition to the constellation of issues in the crowdfunding universe. We want CrowdGoers to tighten your feedback loop, to help you refine your ideas by bringing them to the crowd, as we all stay on the cutting edge of the field. Join us today!

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