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What we’re about


We are a forward thinking group of creative individuals. We encourage anyone who has an idea for any type of film, whether it be a feature length screenplay, documentary, narrative short film, web series, episodic or serial TV or more experimental concepts to join this group if you are interested in the most important aspect about any creative project and that is the funding that one needs in order to bring it to life.

No matter what you think you know about crowdfunding - you need to hear this message loud and clear: If you have a business, a startup or a non-for-profit organization then you seriously need to consider using crowdfunding as part of your marketing. Crowdfunding is not limited to raising funds, it's reach spans far wider than that. Crowd Funding and Crowd Idea Incubation are by far some of the most effective Marketing Machines ever invented!

Here are just some of the examples that properly managed crowd funding campaigns can provide:

  1. Raise money to bring your project to life
  2. Generate leads
  3. Activate a powerful word of mouth and referral based marketing system
  4. Generate tons of publicity and engage prospects and clients
  5. Collect market data and build brand awareness