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The Northeast Cryonics Group, Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/329969361189448/

Active cryonics members in the world (and the NorthEast too) : http://cryonet.info

Welcome to The Northeast Cryonics Group! This Group is intended to provide a medium for those interested in cryonics or other recovery, regenerative and longevity technologies to connect, share information, and coordinate geographic socials or working groups of like-minded individuals. This group includes but is not limited to people enrolled in cryonics programs.

This group is open to anyone interested in cryonics - its appearance and use in fiction, its social and environmental aspects, and the current state of this technology. There is room enough here for any engineer and artist, maker, nerd, futurist or fan.

Our primary focus is to provide information, clarify media interpretation, and give a clear message to interested parties, from those who are active participants within or subscribers to a cryonics provider, as well as their families and friends.

The Northeast Cryonics Group maintains an advocacy role for individual choice and foresees a positive future in which technology surpasses human limitation. See you forward!


Kriorus - the first cryonics company in Eurasia


Suspended Animation, Inc.


Alcor Life Extension Foundation


The Cryonics Institute


Documentary "Immortali" by Francesca Fini - http://www.francescafini.com/

SENS: Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence - http://www.sens.org/

ACS - American Cryonics Society - http://www.americancryonics.org

Additional Information: - http://www.alcor.org/FAQs/index.html http://www.alcor.org/sciencefaq.htm


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