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Crypto NYC is a community, coworking space and app studio based in Midtown, dedicated fulltime to blockchain technologies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our focus is on people first and technology second. We are a hardworking group of engineers, designers, and schemers passionate about the blockchain and excited about its potential.

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[Whitepaper Wednesday] Visa


This week, we are reading about off-chain payments. This payment network – Visa – is so off-chain that is doesn't use a chain at all! We're reading two blog posts about Visa's go-to-market campaign and current business by a pseudonymous financial blogger: Part one: http://minesafetydisclosures.com/blog/2019/5/29/part-l-a-history-of-visa Part two: https://minesafetydisclosures.com/blog/2019/7/23/part-ll-an-overview-of-visa Visa's story has it all: technological breakthroughs, an airdrop, scaling challenges, and a big meeting to figure out consensus. We will talk about Visa's go-to-market strategy and lessons that aspiring peer-to-peer payment networks can learn from it. Bring your lunch, questions and comments to Crypto NYC, where we'll talk through it together. All levels of experience are welcome. No coding required. We're here to learn from each other!

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[Whitepaper Wednesday] Bitcoin


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