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Monthly Networking & Drinks | meet Multiven & OrbiCall

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Monthly Networking & Drinks  |  meet Multiven & OrbiCall


/ Speakers:
Multiven will tell us about their grand vision how to cybersecure all blockchain nodes, and how to launch a blockchain-based marketplace for Hardware, Software and Services.
OrbiCall plans to uber-ize the Call Center market by leveraging blockchain. We'll learn how.

/ Multiven: If you thought Elon Musk's Starman is cool, you will like their vision. Multiven wants (and already does to a certain degree) to provide three things: Securing all blockchain nodes (thing of shooting nodes on low orbit), running a marketplace for hardware, software and services, and finally providing themselves blockchain-based services for cyber-security and maintenance of internet-facing hard- and software. So no small scope for the team around its CEO, Peter Alfred-Adekeye, a Silicon Valley veteran. The team currently runs an ICO for above mentioned plan.
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/ OrbiCall: We all know Call Centers. They went from local to offshore, and now OrbiCall wants to take them Homeshore. The way to do that? Similar than Uber did it + couple it with the possibilities blockchain offers and launch an utility token to run the platform. José-L. Senent, the Founder & CEO, will lead us through his plan and timelines.
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/ RSVP: Please note that we have a maximum registration number. Therefore, please sign up in time. In the case where you could not make it: please remember to sign off the event to liberate your position and allow others to participate.

/ Dress Code: Business Casual

18 rue Richemont · Geneva
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