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Our Community is about everything crypto. We are bringing together people from the most diverse backgrounds, but with one thing in common: the passion for crypto and blockchain revolution.
We want to bring this revolution to everyone and everyone is welcome to join and become part of the movement.

How? By joining live, participating in our events, by sharing your knowledge and by being open-minded to keep learning.

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We have a host of great things happening here in the Crypto Valley like Crypto Trading Learning Sessions, Open ICO table and we are of course organising our second Conference in Zug.

Decide to be a part of that.

---------- Upcoming: Crypto World Zug Conference -----------

Are you new to the world of Crypto & Blockchain and trying to make sense of this new technology?
Join us in Zug, Switzerland 🇨🇭 in June 2019 and become a part of the Blockchain revolution! 🚀

Our speakers will explain in plain English the foundations and the opportunities of this next technological revolution.

http://cryptoworldzug.io/ (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fcryptoworldzug.io%2F&h=ATPNBfieWz4pM3M2ZIx6WQBDjwsXFz234JQ6ilx5GkkrTHV24l6MfIPaqTxvf2pYOAYE2XGUhl9OOp3fxTii9Fa196a89kqR68iIeubK2k0RJMsZYjz_1vlS)conference2019

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