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Calling all Blockchain Enthusiasts! The time is now. Get involved in the one of London's most active Blockchain communities! The CryptoArnie Community is focusing solely on connecting people in the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology industry globally. We actively support early stage projects and blockchain based digital assets.

The CryptoArnie community already exists offline! We are connected to many individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds in IT, programming and development, finance, HR, marketing and politics. We are all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders and miners... We’re dedicated to the space just like you and we also believe that Blockchain has the potential to transform societies and reorganise industry and sectors.

A great opportunity is presented to us where we can be a part of a revolutionary space. Without decentralization we would not be here. We can financially and socially support each other and great projects we believe will have lasting impacts.

Community Meetups will focus on; Infrastructure Blockchains, Protocols, AR/VR, Payment Processing, Stable Coins, Utility and Security Tokens, Exchanges, DEX and Dapps, Regulation, Blockchain Politics, Trading - Workshops and Courses, Mining & Masternodes and much more

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