What we're about

We're a community of Crypto Currency enthusiasts. We provide a safe space for all those who want to join the Crypto Currency space and find their path. Our goal is to raise awareness and educate people about Crypto Currency and Blockchain Technology and heighten their awareness of it's necessary role in the society's well-being. Crypto Blockchain Plug (http://www.cryptopluginglewood.com) is for those that want to support and promote businesses and individuals utilizing Crypto Currency and Blockchain Technology. If you would like to learn more about Crypto Currency and how to incorporate Digital Currency as part of your life and business this group is for you.

Our vision is mass adoption around the world and the shift of power back into the hands of the people, and we will do everything in our power to help achieve that.

We offer a wide range of product development and services :

1. Workshops to understand the Crypto Ecosystem which include but are not limited to:

Initial Coin Offerings
Affiliate Marketing
Automated Crypto Currency Trading
Bitcoin Selling
Swing Trading
Day Trading
Data Mining
Long Term Investing
Trade Arbitrage
Retail Merchants Marketing
Bitcoin Consulting
Bitcoin Tax Strategies
and much more...

2. Crypto Strategy Sessions

3. Bitcoin Masterminds

4. How to Generate Income and Increase your Net-Worth with Crypto Currencies

After the meetup, Crypto entrepreneurs will be able to take action and start implementing strategies immediately in activities such as:

Initial Coin Offerings
Affiliate Marketing
Automated Crypto Currency Bots
Trade Arbitrage

Social events will be held Crypto Blockchain Plug in Inglewood, CA next to the Forum and the NEW Rams Stadium.

What to bring:
Bring A NotePad

Workshops will be held in a class room environment.
If you would like to know more about Generating Income With:


Upcoming events (5+)

Cigars and Crypto

DROBE Stogies

Fine Cigars and Fine Crytpo Talk! A night of great networking while enjoying the premier cigars of Drobe Stogies and learning about Crypocurrency. Please be sure to RSVP for this event. All guests must purchase a cigar.

Crypto Plug Training For Adults w/ The Digital Currency Guy

614 E Manchester Blvd

Are you ready to cut to the chase and learn how to incorporate Crypto Currency and Blockchain Technology into your life? This Meet Up is designed to get your questions answered.. We know, there are a thousand resources online and you can GOOGLE anything nowadays, HOWEVER, what we teach at the Crypto Plug Training for Adults is priceless. We go through real life scenarios, taught by real live experts. We are not just experts for the camera but the experts who trade, investment, eat, drink and speak Crypto Currency 24/7. In case you didn't know: Crypto Currency is a digital currency that is created and managed through the use of advanced encryption techniques known as Cryptography. We will take the mystery out of the Crypto Blockchain Space and give you a safe place to learn and excel in 2019. Crypto Plug Training for Adults is a reoccurring course for members where we focus on current events, buying, selling, trading and investing in Crypto Currency and the Blockchain Technology. Members of Crypto Plug $199.00 Non Members: $299.00 Learn more about Digital Currency Guy. www.TheDigitalCurrencyGuy.com and The Travel and Trade Lifestyle. www.CryptoNomads.io

Wine, Women & Crypto

614 E Manchester Blvd


Wine Women & Crypto is a community of women from all walks of life who are always supporting each other in the Crypto Eco System, both personally and in our business relationships! You can expect some light appetizers, some wine tasting & networking. After our special guest and Crypto education, each woman will introduce herself with a 60 second commercial and we'll end with some networking. Your Cover Charge takes care of everything so all you need to bring is a smile, your business cards to share, and all your girlfriends whether they do Crypto or not. You will Build Strong Relationships, Make New Connections, Have Uplifted Spirits, AND Increase Your Knowledge. Let's HODL and Let's BUIDL!! Remember this is a Women exclusive event. We look forward to seeing you. Space is Limited, please RSVP. Thank you, Najah Roberts & Jaci Williams

Bitcoin After Dark Cocktail Hour

614 E Manchester Blvd

Our Bitcoin After Dark Cocktail hour is ALL your paid networking groups wrapped into one. This is an exclusive group where Famous guest speakers, Crypto/Blockchain Company Owners, Multil-Millionaires, Six Figure Earners, and local politicians convene. This is the one night where adults can mix business with pleasure. As you allow the night to unwind we have created a space designed to immerse you in the Crypto Blockchain experience. This is our mover and shaker event, where the food is free, the drinks are strong, and the networking is real. Bitcoin After Dark is amazing and we encourage you to come, hodl it, buidl it, and ENJOY IT!

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Crypto 101

614 E Manchester Blvd

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