Crypto Trivia Night hosted by

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Take a look at last months Crypto Trivia Night...

How it Works

Attendees are split into teams, with the number of teams dependent on how many people attend. The teams then move through three rounds of crypto trivia questions, with topics ranging across the entire crypto and blockchain space. The first round features basic questions, with the difficulty increasing for each round. Direct answer, True/False, “Name that Crypto,” and multiple choice questions are all a part of the night. Teams collaborate for each answer.

The night is filmed and edited into a show that will be available each month on Teams won’t be featured on-screen, so if you are thinking about coming, don’t worry about having a bad hair day or being camera shy!


Crypto Trivia Night hosted by wouldn’t be much of a game show without prizes, and we are kicking things off with some great ones:

Participants will all receive a commemorative ARKMoon Gift Coin, courtesy of Delegate ‘ARKMoon’ and ‘Jarunik’ of the ARK Public Network.

Participants will also receive an sticker pack featuring assorted ARK stickers.

The winning team members will each receive a Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet device courtesy of

The winning team will also receive $200 USD equivalent in ARK divided among the members.

The winning team’s spokesperson will answer a special bonus question, and if a correct answer is given, the winning team will receive an additional bonus of ARK divided among them, and the spokesperson will receive a framed limited-edition 24x36in Los Angeles ARK poster, courtesy of Delegate ‘The Golden Horde’ of the ARK Public Network. The bonus may grow each month depending on incorrect bonus answers from previous months. Currently, it sits at $200 USD equivalent in ARK.