CryptoTuesday for Social Good


CryptoTuesday for Social Good is a monthly meetup focused on the positive social impact that Crypto technology (i.e. blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts ...) is going to enable. Each meetup will feature a speaker or panel addressing a particular area of Crypto for Social Good. The format is 30 minutes of speaking / Q&A, followed by decompression and socialization, with refreshments.

6:30-7:00 check in
7:00-7:30 ---- Education and the Blockchain: Rak Chugh and Emily Hunt from edChain, and Aishwarya Balaji from Impact Chain Lab
7:30-9:00 - Socialize and Network

edChain Founding Team Speakers:

Rak Chugh, Product Architect, edChain; CEO Byte Academy: Rak started his development career in 1991. Since then, Rak has had rich experiences with fixed income, equities and real estate. He has built technology, worked on a investment banking trading desk and invested in both public and private market transactions.
He has served as a guest speaker at FinTech, blockchain and education-related events around the world.
He co-founded Byte Academy, a coding school known for its blockchain, FinTech and Python programs, and is now focused on contributing to the scaling of worldwide education.

Emily Hunt, Network Growth, edChain; Director, Byte Academy: Emily has been in the startup space for more than 10 years entering the blockchain space 3 years ago as a contributing writer to technology blogs on the topic. She spearheaded the blockchain program at Byte Academy, which was featured in Bloomberg, and launched one of the first use cases of academic certificates on the blockchain which are used both by Byte Academy and edChain, which she helped found.

About edChain:
edChain is an open-sourced, decentralized library that allows the sharing of educational content across applications and organizations.

Impact Chain Labs Speaker:

Aishwarya Balaji is the founder and CEO of the Impact Chain Lab,. Aishwarya previously was an investor for 37 Angels, a women-led angel network. She also ran strategy and operations for Build Academy, a venture-backed edtech / social impact startup that focused on crowdsourcing innovative design solutions for the building industry. Prior to that she was a global consultant for PwC working with fortune 500 clients on tech and security in the consumer products space.

About Impact Chain Labs:
Impact Chain Labs is a blockchain innovation lab focused on global development and has been involved with blockchain technology since early 2016.

• Important to know: You will check in on the ground floor, be sure to RSVP so that your name is on the list. //Crypto Tuesday for Social Good is hosted by Crypto Oracle and Knotel.

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