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SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: alongside mining I am actively brainstorming to develop applications on the blockchain. I welcome developers, engineers, visionaire, entrepreneurs and investors to come and discuss ideas and opportunities. Looking for business partners who wants to move quickly in this new startup with equal shares and resources/time invested into it.

Interested on joining forces? You don't have to wait for the Meetup, message me and we can meet the same day.

MINING: Thinking of buying mining rigs? Or perhaps buying into online mining contracts? Join this Meetup before spending any money.

If you are reading / thinking of joining this meetup, you have, at some point, thought about start mining a cryptocurrency or at least heard of it and curios what is all the heap about.

Mining is not dead, in fact is very much alive despite what everyone say.

Popular Q&A
. Where should you start? At this meetup
. Will it work? (Mining..) YES
. Is it (still) profitable? Yeees!
. Do I need a lot of money? At least £3000 to make it worthwhile
. Is the investment secure? Is one of the most secure investments you'll ever make
. What returns should I expect? It vary but it could be well over 100% per year, ~30% worst case scenario. Yes, there is a huge difference between the two; welcome to the cryptocurrency world! Think about how much time / effort it takes to get even 1% from any investment (think trading, banking, not to mention that most businesses have an end of year net profits of 7% to 15%) unless you deal with drugs, there isn't anything else out there this consistent, safe & profitable.
. Is it legal? Yes, 100%. The UK (HMRC) treat any cryptocurrency as any other currency since 2014
. Are profits from mining taxable? Yes, if you declare them. Have you ever traded online? Did you report gains/profits/losses to the HMRC? Mining follow the same concept. As a company is obviously more profitable to declare rent, capital expenses, running costs and gains.
. What do I need to do to maintain the rigs? Absolutely nothing, or at least that's the goal. Like a car, it need a MOT once on a while (dust spray the graphic cards radiators/fans) and it can be done with a £2 compressed air canister you can find at any computer / DIY store. Checking your profits and making sure is all going as it should, once on a day, is not a bad idea either. And if you have lots of mining rigs, you will already have some idea of what it takes to maintain a server room or will get a crash course on it :)

If you are serious about mining, this meetup is where your worries will rest.

With dozens of happy customers and 100's of mining rigs installed all over the UK, you are in good hands; in fact there are very few good hands in UK that does this professionally.

Have been building mining rigs for more than a year and continue to do it as my main and only job through own company.
Months of research and thousands of pounds went into it (including: server grade graphic card like the Firepro S1950, Intel 6900K, 12 cores Intel Xeon processor, R9 Nano & GTX 1080 Ti mining rigs etc)
Own & successfully run a "small" mining farm in Central London.

There will be no hard selling, the Meetup will be very relaxed and anyone is welcome to talk to each other.

Is not late to start, is never too late! In fact this is just the infancy of cryptocurrencies and the perfect time to start!

Come and join me, and get all of your question answered (or at least most of them!)

PS: do not expect to be taught how to build a mining rig or fix one (if you are in either situation it means you haven't done your homework properly.. no one can do that for you)

Who should join this meetup:
- people with at least £3000 to invest | any less and it won't be worthwhile.
- those £3000+ must not be your only savings | mining is for the long term; investing into equipments with your last resources is never a good idea.
- investors or company's owners with taxable earnings / profits on financial year's end | companies or individual in the higher tax brackets have huge advantages when buying / running a mining farm.
- people with a good / excellent credit rating | most people don't even blink when they have to buy a £20K car.. how about opening a loan to invest into crypto mining computers? The best financial decision you'll ever make.

Any question, please feel free to ask. I am available 7 days a week.

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