To grow a thousandfold: INTRODUCING HATHOR NETWORK

Crypto Valley Hathor Meetup Group
Crypto Valley Hathor Meetup Group
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This meetup is to announce the launch of Hathor Network, a scalable blockchain for tokenization. We will discuss what it is, where it fits in the current crypto-ecosystem, and why our platform may beat our competitors and grow fast.

Doors open at 17:45

18:00 Hathor Network: a scalable blockchain for tokenization
18:30 Q&A and Panel with guest
19:00 Happy Hour Brazil + Swiss Crypto Hub
21:00 End

We think it is a grave error to assume the current state of affairs as some form of finality of blockchain evolution. Great use cases are about to be discovered if we unleash the right tool. The missing piece to unveil a token revolution is a scalable platform in which any 13-years-old kid can create their own token for fun, and also capable of handling all these future transactions. And we are developing this missing piece.
Hathor's technology is a natural evolution of Bitcoin's blockchain. Instead of arranging the transactions in a Merkle Tree inside the blocks, we arrange the transactions in a DAG--outside the blocks--which are confirmed by the blocks. Our blocks are lightweight and super fast to sync in the p2p network, even with thousands of nodes. Thanks to this design, we can scale to thousands of transactions per second. Moreover, Hathor has potentially the same security as Bitcoin. It is a crypto with a scalable data structure for transactions; SatoshiDice is welcome here.

- Marcelo Salhab Brogliato: Founder and CEO at Hathor Network
- Fabio Moura: Legal Strategy at AMX

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Mobile Wallet (Open Beta & TestFlight):
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**This event is part of a set of actions that Hathor Labs will carry out around the world to promote the platform.