Cryptocurrencies, Tokens and ICOs Hong Kong Meetup 8 Sep evening 6-9pm

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A group of disruptive blockchain solutions and global ICO founders are coming to Hongkong on 8th Sep.

The current speakers confirmed are

Arifa Khan, DGCAMP, UK
Paige Freeman - New , USA
Martin Mesche - Brickblock, USA
David Henderson, Sweetbridge, USA Scott Nelson, Sweetbridge, USA

More ICO Founder speakers to be announced. We are hosting an evening networking gathering in Hong Kong on 8th Sep evening 6:00pm onwards.

Come say hello to us, no matter where you are in the crypto world.

Beginners, blockchain enthusiasts, wonderful innovators, crypto traders, rich Dubai Shaikhs who want to invest in crypto, techies who want to find blockchain projects.. This is for everyone!

Join us for drinks and nibbles.

Venue to be confirmed.

Free entry for all!

We are eager to meet you!

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We present to you the first ever Cryptocurrencies, Tokens and ICOs meetup in Dubai with 6 high profile founders / inventors from Europe and USA.

Date : 8 September 2017

Time : 6:00 pm to 9:00pm

Venue : To be Confirmed

DGCAMP is a product of Himalaya Labs from London. Decentralised Global Capital Markets Platform (DGCAMP) is potentially one of the biggest real world applications for Blockchain. DGCAMP envisages a smart contract architecture replacing the manual processes involved in investment banking, in the issuance of corporate equity and debt securities — processes characterised by opacity and high fees. (Read our preliminary paper).
DGCAMP is a blockchain and smart-contract driven platform where issuers (public and private firms, governments, non-profit foundations) can access a broad class of primary market investors (both institutional and retail), complete a variety of automated transactions and processes (such as book building, auctions, syndications, dividend distributions) and can issue a broad array of digital assets to investors. Investors of every type, jurisdiction and financial status can use the platform to learn about investment opportunities across the globe, their regulatory aspects, risks and expected returns, to access due diligence reports, and to invest directly without having to go through intermediaries. A secondary market layer with buyers, sellers, arbitrageurs can easily complement this system. Capital allocation will be made in a cryptographically secure, quick, efficient, trustless way.

Arifa Khan, Inventor DGCAMP Arifa Khan is Founder and CEO of Himalaya Labs, a blockchain venture founded to bring the vision of DGCAMP to reality. Arifa is a London based investment banker with stints in Financial Sponsors Group at Credit Suisse and UBS. She has a B.Tech from IIT Madras, and an MBA with Finance specialisation from Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. She has been focusing on blockchain research since 2015. She is the architect of Europe-India Conclave Series and has featured Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum at Ethereum India Summit May 2017. She is currently building the Ethereum community in India and Middle East as India Partner of the Ethereum Foundation.

Watch Arifa's youtube video ( introducing Vitalik's talk on Cryptoeconomics in India Brick block

At present, the crypto-economy is possibly one of the most volatile economies. Investors can make 10x gains in one month only to lose it all the next month. Thus far, there have only been a limited number of ways to diversify crypto-portfolios to mitigate these risks.
Real diversification, across multiple asset classes, is essential for a well-balanced portfolio. Brickblock introduces the first platform where users can seamlessly invest in real estate funds (REFs), exchange-traded funds (ETFs), passive coin-traded funds (CTF) and active coin managed funds (CMFs) through a streamlined process and with significantly lower costs than traditional investing. Each fund on the Brickblock platform has its own denomination and its own "proof-of-asset" (PoA) token which, via established token exchange platforms, can be traded simpler, faster and cheaper than on conventional stock markets. Our asset-backed PoA tokens empower investors to hedge the risk of cryptocurrencies in real assets without needing to convert their cryptocurrency into a fiat currency. All dividends and coupons are automatically transferred to token-holders through self-executing smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Brickblock’s infrastructure will be implemented as a decentralized application (Dapp) and run on the Ethereum network. Broker-dealers and fund managers will be able to list their investment opportunities on the platform, after being thoroughly verified by Brickblock through e.g. proof of residence, credit reports and criminal record. Based on their personal risk/reward ratio, investors can then select an investment from the offered funds to add to their diversified portfolio. Martin Mischke, Co-Founder Brickblock

Martin founded Europe’s Bitcoin Startup Incubator Bitcoins Berlin in 2012. Several Bitcoin start-ups emerged from the incubator such as Gold4BTC, one of the biggest providers for Gold in exchange for bitcoin. This was the first of many serial VC projects that Martin invested in. Martin is a business angel, venture capitalist and advisor for multiple start-ups. He is also the ex-CFO and co-founder of Bitwala, the German start-up utilises digital currency to offer a much faster and cheaper blockchain-based payment service provider for remittance and international payments.
In 2016 Martin co-founds Transistor co-working, Germany’s largest Fintech co-working space, which also accepts Bitcoin.
In the beginning of 2016 Brickblock co-founders Martin and Jakob started to think about how this modern technology could be applied to the world of investing. Their initial focus was on simplifying the process of investing in real estate.
As they continued to develop the project, they expanded the platform to include four investment options – real estate funds, exchange-traded funds, passive coin-traded funds and active coin-managed funds. Sweetbridge

Sweet bridge is a visionary and far reaching business case for Blockchain in the Supply Chain.

A protocol that allows anyone to receive low cost loans on everything from crypto assets to the supply chain receivables / inventory and equipment without a the need for a counter party, bank or credit card network.

A legal ecosystem for digitizing real world assets on the blockchain; equipment, inventory, real estate, and receivables assets.

New Alchemy , USA

New Alchemy is a premier blockchain consulting and investment group with a distinguished expertise in cryptocurrency and commerce. The experienced team blends unbeatable blockchain skill with practical business know-how to implement clients’ groundbreaking products and services.

Ms Paige Freeman Ms Paige Freeman is Director of Strategic Partnerships at New Alchemy, San Fransisco, California She is the founding member and first executive hired as Vice President of Sales at BitPay, the world’s leading payment processor for bitcoin recognized by Bloomberg, CNN, Wall Street Journal, CNBC and many other news organizations. She successfully managed all sales and increased the merchant base to 35,000+ merchants with over $100 million in bitcoin transactions. She created brand awareness for Bitpay in the Bay Area and opened the first office in San Francisco for West Coast Sales and Engineering. Bitpay raised $30 million in Series A funding from PayPal founder Peter Thiel's Founders Fund, Jerry Yang's AME Cloud Ventures, Virgin Galactic's Sir Richard Branson, and pivoted from payment processing to open-source, blockchain projects.