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Heart Based Therapeutics & Reiki Tummo Clinic
Every human being has an innate longing to feel profoundly safe and unconditionally loved. This longing is from our true heart (spiritual, not physical). It’s about communication/ connection / relationship to our Source, our True Source of Unconditional Love. Are you interested in having a stronger Heart connection with the Creator? Would you like to combine this experience with groundedness and practicality required to function everyday on Earth? Would you like to learn a simple gentle process that will reduce stress, increase relaxation and promote peace in your life? You are invited to join a relaxing experience while learning how to allow the True Source of Unconditional Love. This session can be combined with experiencing Reiki Tummo to help cleanse the Heart of impurities and have them replaced with Love and Light from the True Source of Unconditional Love. Each person who participates in this event will receive Reiki TUMMO energy in a lone or group session to help deepen the experience. Rei (universal) Ki (energy) is an ancient technique where an attuned practitioner channels Divine Energy which comes equipped with many benefits. The Reiki TUMMO system facilitates energetic flow in all energetic body layers including the physical. It's gentle and effective when it comes to spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing. The "TUMMO" means fire and refers to the kundalini energy that helps in connecting to the Earth energy. Heart is a major component of this Reiki tradition, and we will spend some time feeling the benefits of connecting and strengthening our Hearts. Get more info about the energy @ We are offering a sincerely sweet opportunity to learn about the spiritual heart, about how to open and expand the heart and a guided meditation for opening the heart and mind. Also learn about Reiki TUMMO, an incredible modality for realizing and expanding your innate spirituality from a direct energetic experience. Learn how you can go deeper into the heart while experiencing the sweet relaxing energy of Reiki Tummo. Feel for yourself the deep spiritual experience that this practice can offer. Come by 5:30 pm for the Intro and by 6:00 for the Heart Based Therapeutics & Reiki Tummo Clinic. Please message me if you need a special time/appointment. Donations accepted and not required. "All truth is in your heart, not in the physical heart, but in the core within yourself where your true self resides. To access that truth you must open your heart and Reiki TUMMO can help you do just that. When you learn Reiki TUMMO you are introduced to energy channeling for healing, but also as a tool to lead you into your heart so you can learn directly from your heart, rather than from others." Irmansyah Effendi M.Sc (founder)"

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