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Intro to Fasting
NOT AN MLM presentation!! NO SALES INVOLVED. Please PREPAY so I have the correct amount of handouts & samples for everyone. For before/after photos, results and info, please visit: The benefits of fasting are many...among them weight loss, improved health, reverse ageing, and deeper connection to spiritual energy and gifts. PREPAY link: Below I will share my journey, but first here is what we'll cover: - ketogenic dieting and a modified version to ease into fasting - candida and the gut-brain connection - addressing cravings, the role of parasites & removal (w/recipe) - water and electrolytes - intermittent fasting - water fasting - dry fasting & benefits of each - how to maintain energy while fasting (& recipes) - managing loose skin while losing weight - intuitive eating - the role of muscle testing/kinesiology - recipes, samples, a handout ** DISCLAIMER ** You will be asked to sign a disclaimer/release form at the class. I am NOT a certified health practitioner or medical professional. All material presented is for informational purposes only and you should consult a medical professional before embarking on any dietary changes. MY JOURNEY For the last 4 years I have embarked on various protocols and dietary adventures, learning much along the way. With time and education I was finally able to have success on a consistent level losing 50 lbs in the span of 3 months... and still losing. I've been able to fast a full 5, 6 and 7 days per week with EASE. But I also learned that the reason why most people have difficulty is because of cravings and parasites... so I would love to share how I addressed all of these things, how to ease into a healthier diet and lifestyle while losing fat and gaining health, all while working toward a fasting routine, for as long or short as you can because any amount is beneficial.

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What we're about

This is a consciousness-minded group with focus on expanding our awareness both spiritually and personally with the assistance of crystals. We also have shamanic healing & activities, metaphysical & other self awareness classes in the Salt Lake area. If you are interested in exploring the healing, use and metaphysical properties of Crystals and stones, there are several ACTIVE classes being held, upcoming events and gatherings too (possibly some rock hounding/digs and field trips) so please join to be kept updated on all these events. Most events/classes will have a fee.

The aim of this group is recognizing humanity is evolving, even ascending. There were many ancient ways and practices that were lost for a time and we are starting to remember and "wake up". Part of this awakening process is bringing back the old wisdom, but translating it to our day and age for all to benefit. With this understanding we can come together with our intentions through meditation and individual practices to send healing to the planet, people and events with the use of crystals. Same with all other healing modalities....everything goes better with Crystals!

The organizer is a Master of Crystology, an Inca shaman, certified energy healer and reiki practitioner and founder/director of Living Light Institute of Energy Healing Arts. She has been integral to organizing events and classes about crystals, crystal healing, crystal skulls, metaphysics and shamanism in the Salt Lake valley since 2010. You are welcome and you are LOVED. If you have found this meet-up, there is a reason and we have a place waiting just for you!


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