What we're about

We are a community based organization holding classes and discussion groups, studying the Principles of New Age Spirituality and Metaphysics exploring all areas in the field!

Serving the Spiritual Community of Edmonton.

The Crystal Corridor Of Light is a comprehensive gathering place to acquire skills and information on accessing The Ancient Wisdom, Metaphysics, Healing and Spiritual Growth.

All the answers you seek are within your very own self. Becoming spiritually aware is just the process by which you uncover and retrieve those answers.

We have designed classes to do just that!

Topics covered:

* What is a Starseed

* Where do we come from and why we are here

* Communicating with Spirit - Angels, Guides & your Higher Self

* Raising Your Vibration

* What are UFO's - who sees them and who doesn't & why

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Our World - Our Task - Our Reward

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Our Multidimensional Self

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