What we're about

We are a community based organization holding classes and discussion groups, studying the Principles of New Age Spirituality and Metaphysics exploring all areas in the field!

Serving the Spiritual Community of Edmonton.

The Crystal Corridor Of Light is a comprehensive gathering place to acquire skills and information on accessing The Ancient Wisdom, Metaphysics, Healing and Spiritual Growth.

All the answers you seek are within your very own self. Becoming spiritually aware is just the process by which you uncover and retrieve those answers.

We have designed classes to do just that!

Topics covered:

* What is a Starseed

* Where do we come from and why we are here

* Communicating with Spirit - Angels, Guides & your Higher Self

* Raising Your Vibration

* What are UFO's - who sees them and who doesn't & why

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Return of the Divine Feminine

Private Residence

Our Triad meets again in this group setting to divulge information about The Divine Feminine which has always been here on this planet, buried and oppressed. It is now returning as "coming into the open", being revealed. In this class you will learn how that is happening and why. You will hear the untold truth about the Divine Feminine - shocking Truths (previously hidden from the general public) about that Divine Presence here on the planet and in the Cosmos. Debbie will be working with the energies that we will be receiving as downloads throughout the meeting, energies that will come to us in the form of upgrades. She will explain the shifts occurring in our awareness and how that affects our Grand Awakening. Christina brings us information regarding the Twin Flame Soul integration and how that impacts the balancing of the masculine and the feminine within each of us. She will speak about the masculine and feminine merging planetarily and within our human bodies. Also Christina will bring us information about the Ascension energies leading into December. We will close the meeting with a guided meditation. Please join us for an informational and enlightening afternoon! When: Saturday September 26, 2020 Where: #1 - 409 Hunters Green NW, Edmonton, AB. T6R 2Z1 Time 1 - 3/3:30 PM Cost: None On- Street parking only. No masks will be provided, if you wish to wear one please bring your own.

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Private Residence

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