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The intention for this Women's Crystal Healing group is to join like-minded and like-hearted ladies together to deepen our knowledge, experience and growth with these amazing crystals and other spiritual practices.

The sacred practices you will experience arise from a deep, spiritual commitment to the earth/nature, to healing and to honouring ourselves as women.

Belong to a group where there is no judgement and everyone is there for the highest good, highest love and highest potential of all.

There are a few different types of Meet Ups available: (they are announced when the timing is right)

Crystal Connections Meet Up

* a 2 hour meet up that involves deepening your connection to crystals in various ways.

* encourages regular connections with crystals, offers safe and simple ways to balance your physical, emotional and mental states.

* Spiritually, connecting to crystals enables you to attain higher states of consciousness, allowing a greater sense of awareness and connection to spirit.

* see how crystal experiences give solutions to problems as insights in your life can be realised during connections with crystals and purposeful meditations and rituals.

* experience practices, meditations, healings and rituals to help you find clarity and support/direct your life in a positive direction and feel a sense of purposeful belonging.

Crystal Healing and Breathwork Meet Ups

* 3 hour workshop exploring the a varied combination of Crystals and Spiritual Practices - this Meet Up is ideal for women who want a deeper healing experience.

In this workshop you will:

* enjoy an hour long Breathwork with crystal healing having access to my full crystal collection to focus on yourself and what you need, and feel empowered and safe about it.

* experience the healing powers of Breathwork for powerful change in the areas that need the most attention

* deeper your experience with crystals to activate and attune them to your body/aura

* be apart of sacred ceremonies using drumming, space clearing tools and/or intuitive practices plus special rituals in the opening and closing of circle

* depending on the Moon phase; learn and practice New Moon or Full Moon Rituals/Teachings to get the most out of the months Moon Cycle

* and much more crystal yummyness...

**This is a non-judgmental place where you can be seen, heard and know you matter!

*** There will be connection (social) time before we finish with herbal tea, refreshments or lights nibbles

Looking forward to connecting with you...

Love & Light,


P.S. Just a little reminder for everyone to update the "Emails and Notification" section in your Profile to be able to receive all emails and messages from the organiser Katie Alexander ✅

This helps the Meet Ups run really smoothly and has you well informed and confident with all details and further information not displayed in the Meet Up forum.

Thank you 😊🙏💜🌟

(This is not an appropriate group for children to attend. Age is 18 and above.)

The location of the Meet Ups is on Tamborine Mountain.

Disclaimer: The occupants and owners of this property are not liable for any potential accidents, injuries or misfortunes from the Meet Up event or the facilities, in, on or around the Meet Up property. All participants who attend this Meet Up are agreeing to the above and take full responsibility of everything that may arise during this Meet Up.

Cancellation and No Show Policy: please change your RSVP, at least 24-48 hours in advance. If you have two no shows, you will be removed from the group.

Here's what people are saying about the Crystal Healing Meet Ups:

"A beautiful experience, I feel energized and totally at peace" - S

"Wonderful healing energy from the crystals and healers. Thank you Katie for leading us on the beautiful journey to peace." - C

"Fantastic. I felt so happy and rejuvenated with so much more energy." - D

"Loved it!!" - T

"It was a positive, connected and uplifting experience.Thank you for a lovely afternoon of positive vibrations! I'm looking forward to the next one!" - J

"Enjoyable and enlightening - I'm very appreciative in being able to join such like-minded people to explore the healing energies of crystals." - K

"Thanks Katie for a lovely experience, I'll see you next time !!!" - M

"A beautiful meeting, lovely people and a wonderful sense of peace." - S

"Thanks Katie and to everyone such amazing experience, I feel so bless to be part of this journey. Namaste" - M

"Thanks again Katie for organising last Thursday night. Feeling more positive after each meeting. Thanks" - M

"Thank you very much for the meetup. It was highly enlightening!" - G

"Excellent crystal to work with (Black Tourmaline)." - J

"Another wonderful and enlightening evening with one of my favourite crystals (labradorite). Thank you so much Katie. xxx" - K

"Beautiful Meeting." - S

"Wow, what a great experience....thanks to Katie, Richard and all the other crystal diviners 👍" - A

"Well run Katie. A very enjoyable afternoon session." - D

"Another amazing Crystal (Black Tourmaline), thanks Katie for sharing this beautiful experience xx" - M

"Loved it! Thank you, Kate" - I

"The more I attend, the more I'm drawn to the powers of the crystals and awareness of the wonderful people I meet. Looking forward to my next adventure!" - K

"Wonderful afternoon with everyone - looking forward to the next meetup. I learn so much and always leave with a great feeling of peace." - K

"I had an uplifting experience that was quite new and invigorating, I left the group feeling very positive and thankful to Katie, Diane and all of the group, love and peace" - A

"Amazing! I still have lots of healing to go, but I defiantly felt better at the end of the meet. Thank you Katie for opening up your home to us! See you all again soon." - K

"Wow! Another amazing healing session - thank you!" - J

Comments about the "Crystal, Chakra, Goddess and/or New Moon Workshops":

“Great, enjoyed every minute...healing relaxing environment.” - J

“It was an awesome experience I felt sooo at peace afterwards.” - A

"Another amazing experience with good company, thanks Katie xx" - M

“Loved it - beautiful people - very enjoyable, relaxing, hope to do many more - Thank u x.” - T

“Another amazing experience, thanks to everyone for a lovely morning/ afternoon specially Katie and Richard xx.” -

"I can't find the words to express how good I feel right now! The relief of releasing something that I didn't even know was there dragging me down and stopping me from living my bliss was a truly surmountable experience. I am grateful for the support given by Katie and the other women who were there xo"- F

"Thank you Katie. I really experienced a very enjoyable and productive afternoon session. I feel I can now move forward with a more balanced approach to life."- D

"I just wanted to say how refreshing your workshop and I'm so looking forward to attend the next one. Thank you again." 😊 - Z

"Thank you Katie, for holding such a special afternoon. It was very beautiful. Blessings and light 💖😇" - L

"Aww thank you Katie for a wonderful day .... you were fantastic and created a beautiful environment ❤ "- S

"Beautiful energy from the crystal cards and women in our circle today. Thank you Katie for facilitatin­g this day." - C

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