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My name is Rev. James Dillard and my wife is Joan Dillard. Welcome to our Meetup Group page!

We own CRYSTAL SOURCE: The Body Mind Spirit Connection in Hurst, Texas.

We are located at 441 W. Bedford-Euless Road, Hurst, Texas 76053.

You can call the store to RSVP for classes, with inquiries about our classes or to pay in advance with a credit card for any of our classes. The store phone number is 817-280-9303.

At our store we offer an extensive supply of exotic crystals and minerals - you will not leave disappointed!

We also operate a Learning Center at this location. We host a weekly Wednesday night meetup class on Metaphysics, Ascension, Healing, and of course - Crystals!

We also host guest teachers regularly, so there is always something going on!

We have visionary readers available upon request so call us for details if you would like a tarot reading.

We have some of our crystal and mineral inventory online as well at www.crystalally.com. This is just a fraction of our inventory. If you don't see what you need or even if you want to request a special order, please call Crystal Source at 817-280-9303

Sign up for our FREE weekly ezine for updates on our classes.Just send your email and we'll add you to the list.

We invite you to join us on the spiritual journey as we can all make a difference in our planet together!

About Rev. James Dillard: Besides holding a BBA in Marketing, I also hold a Bachelor's in Metaphysics and Ministry from the Sedona University of Metaphysics. I am a Certified Professional Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher, a Certified Professional Master/ Teacher of Karuna(TM) Reiki, Crystals, and more. Advanced Theta healer. My lineage comes from senior teachers and program director for William Lee Rand, and I belong to those professional organizations. You must receive certification from me or someone like me to belong to these organizations which will give you real credibility and real instructions from the best, as I was blessed to receive. I spent 1000's to earn all of these techniques so you could learn them all for a fraction of that cost. Please call or check my calendar for these classes to start your professional career today. I will be adding classes as the year moves forward, and I will be teaching all levels.

We know have Three Reiki Crystal Healing workshops with a fourth class being developed and released late 2014!

We have Alyce Payne teaching beginning and Advanced Theta classes begining in January 2014. She also does the Oneness Blessing with me and The Awakening Class to become a blessing giver. After I completed all the above, I spent 5 weeks in India going through a spiritual deepening process. No burning bushes yet. lol

Other services I offer are: Chakra Color Light Therapy & Chakra Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy, Vibroacoustic Therapy (about 10 healing programs), Tuning Forks, crystal grids and crystal layouts, and more.

How I got started in crystals and mysticism was accidental through my father. My dad was a geologist, so I have always had a collection of stones. He didn't have an interests in stones like I did, but he did have lots of mines he visited and always made sure to bring me a stone. I had minerals and crystals like Schist, mica, Mexican opals, gypsum, etc. In my twenties, I began my study of vibrations and what crystals could do for us as a race. They are here to assist us and help us grow as souls. They are our allys!

~ Namaste ~

Rev. James & Joan Dillard

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