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Welcome to Calgary Cuddle Connection!

Need more touch and connection in your life?

Shine a light on loneliness and isolation and discover authentic connection, platonic touch and joyful interaction in a fun, safe and supportive atmosphere.

Together, we'll explore communication and consent in a gentle, playful and hands-on way. Connect with others, feel and know your truth, ask for what you want, say yes, say no and enjoy nurturing cuddles in community.

You don’t have to cuddle anyone or do anything you don’t want to do...ever!

These are non-sexual events. In our culture cuddling and sexuality have been married. There is an assumption that cuddling will lead to sex. This is not true and what we learn in this space will help break down the old paradigm and teach you a new way to be.

Here are the rules in a nutshell

1. Respect confidentiality.

2. Be true to yourself and honour each-other ’s boundaries.

3. This event is non-sexual- it’s ok to be attracted or aroused but never ok to act on arousal.

4. Communicate clearly by asking for what you want and saying yes or no according to your truth. * Don’t say maybe, that’s not a clear answer

5. You have permission to feel all of your feelings.

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