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Empathy comes from the Greek empatheia—em (into) and pathos (feeling)—a penetration, a kind of travel. Empathy is an ability of perceiving a situation through the body, mind and intellect of others. Each one of us is born with this empathetic heart but unfortunately, it is typically restricted to just those closest to us - our friends, family and pets. However, we have the capacity to empathize with our entire surrounding. What would the world look like if we applied universal empathy? What would our workplaces feel like if there was a foundation of empathy?

Implementing empathy for all is not easy. And the first step is remembering that we have the capacity to use empathy in our day to day interactions. This meet up group is for those passionate and compassionate individuals that believe in a) the importance of empathy in our world, acknowledging that it is an innate solution to a lot of our social issues; b) therefore we need to begin addressing empathy in our institutions, organizations, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses; and c) any one of us can begin these conversations!

Our group will serve as a think-tank and support group so that we can all identify the target audiences in our personal networks that we could approach about starting the conversation around empathy-building. For instance, if you work at a pharmaceutical company, attend a synagogue, belong to a bookclub and have a large extended family in the area - these are all potential audiences to being discussing the importance of empathy. However, each one of these audiences have their own unique culture and interest. So it will be important for us to support each other in developing talking points and guidelines for a variety of situations and groups.

This group is for active social justice warriors, lovers of cooperation and community, and thinkers that enjoy operationalizing their ideas. Our world requires a new way of being in relationship with one another - one without divisiveness and hate. This work requires a group of innovative social thinkers and empathy enthusiasts who can reach out to various groups, companies and organizations in the community and preach the power of empathy.

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