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The use of Fungi for food and medicine is an emerging science, knowing how to cultivate and prepare fungal medicines is paramount. Knowing how to cultivate organic, potent medicine is a passion of ours that we would like to share with budding mycologists. We will be teaching a course series that cover Mycology and Cultivation. Our first two day workshop will launch October 19th and 20th. This workshop will cover Fungal Biology, Ecology, Evolution, cultivation, preparation, and applications.


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Tincture Creation and Mushroom Cultivation

Dragon Herbarium

Interested in a crash course in both, tincture creation and mushroom cultivation? Join my good friends from Evolved Mushrooms and dive into the fungal world beginning with growing your own gourmet and medicinal fungi to the extraction and creation of tinctures. Ticket Price: $200 Course length: 10 hours, 2 sessions, 5 hours each session Date: September 28th and 29th Can't make it? No Worries! MycoBios Education will be next month and will take a DEEPER DIVE into the cultivation of medicinal mushrooms! About this Event: This two-day course is a revamped series focused on providing the highest value education to early cultivators who wish to gain a deeper understanding of mushrooms including it's cultivation, medicinal properties and methods of extractions We will cover the primary topics: General Biology, Ecology and History Principles of Fungi Resources for design (digital resource list with links provided) Step-by-step methods for cultivating an array of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms Indoor and outdoor cultivation methods Strategies for building a home lab Product Design: small scale capsuling and powder *Bonus* Local herbalist will overview beginning and intermediate extraction methods This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to start from growing and understanding mushrooms to developing and crafting your own functional food and medicine. From start to finish. We break it down step by step to make it easily digestible and feasible for you. We will be focusing on the following mushrooms: Lion's Mane *Cordyceps Militaris (Specific cultivation included) Reishi Chaga Oysters Turkey Tail Primary Decomposers King Stropharia After this weekend you can become familiar with creating sustainable food and medicine for yourself and your community *Included with the course as a bonus you will receive at no additional cost One medicinal mushroom tincture A digital resource guide A starter mushroom culture of choice (needed to begin growing) Ongoing support and connection with Evolved Mushrooms Discount on Evolved Mushrooms products Cordyceps Militaris Workflow and Cultivation (advanced) -All photos below are products and mushrooms we've created- Join your local Mycology Movement Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mushroom-cultivation-and-tincture-creation-tickets-64695011521?ref=estw&fbclid=IwAR0xaHlnwOVTko9ZFEEGxwRNvlnMxEMtQmE1fNAK8q58_QO0Tfmw-4a3oqg

Cultivating Medicinal Mushrooms

Dragon Herbarium


Learn the art and science of cultivating sustainable and effective medicinal mushrooms. The two -day course series will provide an in depth overview of understanding the process of growing medicinal mushrooms to apply in daily life. In this course you will dive into fungal ecology, biology and sustainable cultivation practices that will allow you to explore a holistic understanding. Within this course we will primarily cover the following species: Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) Cordyceps militaris Chaga (Inotus obliquus) Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) Compost-Loving Mushrooms. After completion of the course you will be provided with: - A Starter Mushroom Culture Kit - A Broad Material's List for Necessary Tools and Equipment - An Overview of Fungal Ecology and Biology - Developing and Implementing a Strategy for Cultivation - Connection to a Growing Community of Cultivators - Discounts off Evolved Mushrooms and MycoBios Mushroom Products This course will allow you to better understand ways to improve your own health and the wellness of communities around you.

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