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Note for English speakers: you are very welcome in our session, we can also run a stream in English. Please have a look at the English invitation below. Thx.


**Du machst mich rasend!**
Vorwurf oder Lob?

Gar nicht so einfach, oder? Wir widmen uns an diesem Abend einer starken Emotion, die in jedem Fall Antrieb sein kann – positiv wie leider auch negativ. In der Presse lesen wir von Wutbürgern, die eine Gefahr für unsere Gesellschaft sind. Was heißt Wut im Arbeitskontext? Wie können wir aus ihr postivies ziehen? Dem nähern wir uns an diesem Abend gemeinsam.

Wir haben folgendes vor:

1. Impulse
2. Hack-Entwicklung
3. Prototypen-Test der Hacks


**English version:**
Anger drives us, gives power which can channel in positive or a negative impulses. In the press, we read about "angry citizens", who may endanger our society. What does this emotion mean in business context? We will approach anger in a business context and see how we can influence the outcome using creative intervention.

The evening will be structured as follows:

1. impulses
2. hack development
3. test of hack prototypes

*Please note* that there will almost certainly be parts held in German. The format is chosen in a way that you can contribute in English, however, it will be difficult to run a solely English evening. We will see to accomodate a balance, but cannot promise you will understand everything.