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So, you love the idea of getting that RV, Trailer, pop-up, or tent (or you wanna rent a cabin in a campground)...or simply open up the lift-gate on your SUV and HIT THE ROAD FOR AN EVENTFUL WEEKEND.....Or a longer trip to nearby states or events...but, alas, no one else wants to go? Here ya are! THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU...We welcome couples, singles, all ages....YOU JUST GOTTA WANNA GO CAMPING, HAVE A TRAILER/RV/POP UP OR SOMETHING TO CAMP IN....AND ENJOY FUN PLACES TO GO DO THINGS AT! Yes, you can sit and relax as well, however, each trip will have an event or something special to do...and be in a nice campground location with some amenities.

THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU IF....Maybe you love the outdoors but your "friend" just doesn't want to "rough it", or you gotta have wi-fi at least once a day to check your Facebook, & you seldom go because your friends are not ready when you are and you don't want to go alone...? Join us and meet new friends...or bring yours! Most of our events will be at a location that has options for new campers or experienced campers...we can line you up to share a site or a camper if you don't have your own. OR MANY PLACES WE GO TO HAVE CABINS OR VINTAGE TRAILERS TO RENT. Come along and have some fun experiences!

THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU IF....you really like the idea of driving right to the campground, setting up your camper/trailer/RV/pop-up, and immediately pulling out the chairs, the cheese and the wine or if you want to immediately scale the rocks, climb the trees or start chopping wood....well at least after ten minutes of set-up, thats OK.

THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU IF....you really want to hike, camp HOWEVER, you also prefer to have the comforts of your RV or at least a blow-up mattress...most of our events will accommodate both.

THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU IF....you really want to go to unusual places and be outdoors, and perhaps have the option of seeing a frog rodeo, hiking up a waterfall, attending outdoor theatre in some small mountain town, seeing historic road trip stuff, exploring ghost towns, perhaps even mountain gourmet dining, wine-tasting, railroad dinner trips....or just having smores & toasted marshmallows and giggle at us while the others go crazy doing our tough-guy stuff.

THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU IF....if you have a camper/pop-up/RV and enjoy trips with new friends that ALSO are into "destination camping" involving...what else? CULTURE! What do we consider CULTURAL? Anything from "road trip monuments", mountain community theater, unusual HISTORIC events, summer musicals, outdoor concerts, unusual tourist roadside stops, railroad dinners, winery trips....and, yes, we WILL even go to the unusual things like the annual FROG RODEO...if you think something has a fun or redeeming cultural value....lets go! JOIN US FOR THE FUN....WELCOME TO ALL WHO ARE SIMPLY NICE & ENJOY FUN COMPANY. TRIPS WILL BE NEARBY DENVER AS WELL AS IN SURROUNDING STATES.

Nearly all events/trips will be in improved campgrounds/RV parks with electricity and facilities that have an average cost of $20 to $40 per night. Tenters and car campers are welcome, just know that only some of these facilities would have any reduced fees for tenters.


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