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Film & TV Scripts Critique
A monthly meetup of writers looking for feedback on their film & TV scripts. Email [masked] to get started -- this is how you'll send and receive your pages. Script submissions for the Meetup on Dec. 9th (PDF format, up to 25 pages) are due Sunday, DECEMBER 2ND at 8AM. Pages will be emailed out to RSVPs 1 week prior to the Meetup. This allows everyone time to read and make notes prior to the meeting. Check out the "ABOUT US" section for more details on pages and format. Also, make sure you have notifications turned on in the Meetup app to receive reminders!

LMU Hannon Library

1 LMU Drive · Los Angeles, CA

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What we're about

A monthly Sunday Meetup of film and television writers looking to gain feedback on their scripts and provide critiques for fellow members.

We highly recommend that you have at least one completed script under your belt prior to submitting your work. We want our discussions to focus on plot, character, and tone -- not formatting basics. But ALL are welcome to participate in critiques and it's a great way to get started in the group.

Here's how it works (please read ALL details prior to submitting your project):

We will review UP TO 25 PAGES of script per writer per meeting. Accepted formats are television pilots and specs, feature film and short film. Please note that pages MUST be formatted in industry standard with a title page and subsequent numbered pages. Episodic or spec scripts should include a show title and episode title or "pilot".

Script pages for the upcoming Meetup can be submitted to The deadline for pages is always 1 week prior to the Meetup.


Scripts must be submitted in PDF at least one week prior to the Meetup date. This is to allow attendees enough time to read your work and cultivate their feedback. If you'd like to participate in critiques but aren't ready to submit your own work, that's ok, too! Just make sure the organizer has your email.

If you are submitting pages other than #1-25, you are welcome to provide the previous pages... just be sure to specify which 25 pages you want critiqued. Attendees will not be obliged to read/critique more than 25 pages per writer per meeting. It also helps to include a quick logline or "previously on" between your title page and script page 1. This does not count against your page count (nor does your title page) and helps us grasp your overall story.

Note: we will NOT be reading any scripts aloud in this Meetup, so please come having read them all!


The order of critiques will be randomly selected at the Meetup. Every attendee will be expected to comment on every script emailed (i.e.: no abstentions just because you don't like rom-coms or sci-fi or whatever). Your critique should also include at least one thing you liked about the script (i.e.: it can't all be negative feedback).


IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR RSVP STATUS. The room is booked based on group size!

MORE IMPORTANTLY: If you have submitted script pages and cannot attend the scheduled Meetup, please notify the organizer immediately so the group can be contacted. We will not tolerate preparing feedback for no-shows (!) and emergencies aside, this may result in you being let go from the group.


Our expectation is that all scripts shared within the group are the sole property of the person who wrote them. Scripts are not to be copied, shared outside the group, or distributed for any purpose other than Culver City Writers Group critique sessions. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you register all your work with the US Copyright Office or the WGA. Protecting your work is your responsibility.


So, yes, it's not in Culver City, it's but Culver City adjacent! (a.k.a Playa Vista). LMU Library offers us the best of both worlds: Starbucks (yes, you can bring it into the library!) and private group study rooms. Also, free parking on Sundays!


Please message or email the organizer directly.

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