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This is the sister group to the original one based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, that I started in January 2012. As at January 2018, the original Awaken Your WOW and SHINE group has over 600 members and is a popular hub for meeting like-minded people, learning and growing in a positive and empowering way. I am really looking forward to bringing the same level of WOW-ness to the Cumbria group. Now is the time to really celebrate who you are and all you can be.

This group is for anyone who is ready to strengthen their foundation of self-knowing, self-awareness and self-belief. In particular, wellbeing professionals such as healers, mentors, therapists, light-workers will find a rich resource of career building opportunities. Now is the time to really celebrate who you are and all you can be.

The Awaken Your WOW and SHINE group is focused on building your existing talents and abilities and create a life that is filled with radiant wellbeing, happiness and inner harmony. Your WOW is many things...it is as unique are you are...most of all, it is your source of inspiration, information, expression and authenticity that makes you feel whole and complete. It is your Weaver of Wisdom, your knowing inner voice and the guiding compass of your soul.

To SHINE is to enjoy your Soul Harmony In Natural Expression. This amazing level of existence is open to all and this meet-up group is intended to offer a place for you to seek understanding, ask questions, find answers, learn empowering and transformative life-skills and new consciousness to nourish your awakening WOW and enhance your ability to SHINE.

This is a group for exploring, understanding, and working with simple yet highly effective life enriching approaches such as the Universal Laws (including the Law of Attraction), Affirmations, Guided Meditation, Awakening the Divine Sacred Feminine/Goddess Within, Journaling, Positive Self Perception, De-cluttering, Soul Whispering and so much more as the group directs. I hope to see you soon.

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