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Dance Movement Therapy

Dance movement is a therapeutic form of exercise which is great not only for physical health but also mental and emotional health. Music itself can be very powerful. It can affect our moods and our state of well-being by triggering memories and other emotional experiences. When dance or any movement is set to music it can create a stress relieving, joyful and sometimes healing moment for those involved as well as increasing/releasing endorphins in the brain.

In the dance movement therapy workshop in Cupertino, we will explore different attributes of the emotional and physical well-being through set of the creative and fun exercises, mixed with the intervals, filled with free-form dancing.

Main benefits you may expect:

- Getting a good ability to express suppressed emotions

- Establishing a positive and rejuvenating connection with your body

- Improving general physical fitness and gross motor skills development

- Processing internal negative beliefs, improving confidence and self-esteem

- Encourages creativity and imagination

- Connecting others people on emotional level

- Creating a positive life outlook, addressing stressful life events and depressive episodes

Important notes:

- No partner or previous dancing experience necessary.

- Please try to be on time, as it is easier to “catch a waive” if you are present from the class beginning.

- Clothing: anything that would let you move freely.

- Shoes: dancing bare-feet is the best, but you can also use soft flat shoes. Please no outdoor shoes on the floor.

- There is plenty of parking near the studio. Follow the GPS guidance, however as soon as you turn to the parking lot from Bandley Drive, you need to drive around the building to find the Li's Wushu Academy

Entrance at the back. There are no entrances from the front or sides of the building.

Workshop is led by Tanya Pekker, LMFT, Lic.# 51651

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