What we're about

This group is to explore and learn more about Yourself in Dating, Relationships.

Curate Your Love Story: Self Love path to the Relationship of your Dreams.

Did you know there are different ways of Being in Dating, in Relationships?

Dating: Without the pressure of "finding the One", men and women will practice and improve their dating and connection skills together.

Relationships: There is more than one way to create a successful relationships. We will celebrate what is working for people in relationship and learn about what gets in our way, helping each other create the relationships that serve us fully.

Pleasure is experienced in your Body and Mind. It involves our nervous system and senses. Our Beliefs and Desires. We will explore Pleasure, Sensation, Connection to your Body, Power of Mind Body, Growing your Capacity for Pleasure. There are unlimited pathways to Pleasure.

We want this group to be open minded, action oriented and filled with people who enjoy a mix of "learn and laugh".

Cheers to fun and exploration in 2019!

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