What we're about

Libation, Hike, Dance, Social Events, and Charity.


What we value - No Attitude..No Judgement..Be Humble

Who should join - FUN and YOUNG at heart. You must celebrate diversity in all its forms.

What to expect - Expect to find your next best Friend, Mentor, or Love.

Who are your organizers - Professionals with Spontaneous Mind.


• Overly aggressive, physical, creepiness, drama, gossip…. Be an adult!

• Negative comments/pics directed to events, group, other members or organizers.

• Repeatedly bailing out of events at last minute or same day.

• Crashing event without registering for event.

• Repeatedly adding guest who is already member of this group.

• Inappropriate profile pic or non recognizable pic.

• Changing your profile name too often.

• Contacting other members for hookup.


• We highly recommend not to use your full name. Use a nickname.

• Only organizer can use your information to target events which might interest you.

• Collected contact information won’t be shared without your permission. We may rarely ask your name, age, email or phone to put you on VIP list.

• We will never ask you to share any sensitive information with this group.

• We recommend to mark your profile private. You are taking risk of exposing yourself by not doing so.

• Maintain a distinct profile pic which is different from your other dating or social sites. Spammer can search your pics across multiple social sites. Be aware.

• Don’t reveal your actual birth date, age, legal status, employer, address, and etc. You can always humbly refuse if asked. Make your own judgment call.

• Disable your messaging if you want to stay private. Or, block them immediately if you sense any inappropriate communication.

• Try not to meet anyone outside the event.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER -Release of Liability form member and guest :

• We take pics. You acknowledge that these pics might get posted on event or sister group sites.

• You will never take or post pics which are offensive to other members.

• You will never block the organizer from contacting you.

• Never use this group to solicit business opportunities.

• This group makes no representations or warranties as to the conduct of its members and guests. This includes, without limitation, bodily injury and emotional distress within or outside events.

• You will abide with the rules and verbal instructions from organizer.

• Most important, the organizer reserves the right to refuse from group or event.

• You are responsible for all expenses associated with your or your guest’s negligence, which are not just limited to damage of facilities.

• You will always have designated driver if you chose to drink over limit. It is serious crime to drive under influence of alcohol or any drugs.

• By signing up for any events organized by this group, you are acknowledging that you are aware and have made your guests aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with any activity and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards, and further agree to release and discharge the organizer, assistant organizers, event organizers and event hosts of this Meetup group from and against any and all liability arising from your and your guest's participation in the group activities.

• You agree and acknowledge that you are under no pressure or duress to agree to this and that you have been given a reasonable opportunity to review it before agreeing.

Let’s have fun !.

Best regards,

- Kumar

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