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According to the World Health Organization:

In 2017, men died by suicide 3.54x more often than women.
9.8 million men suffer from alcohol use disorder 2.0x more often than women.
Men are 4 times more likely to die in street crime. This is likely related to higher levels of physical aggression and violence in men compared to women.

This workshop is for those who DO NOT want to become a statistic. We created this workshop for men to come together, to inspire each other, to learn from each other. And in the process, to re-unite men with their truest essence of masculinity. This is a place where men around will not accept your BS, your lies, your excuses, you get really held and seeing and also challenged on the way you act and behave in this world and that is so strengthening. We are here to challenge ourselves to get inspired to grow further, to open up, to feel our emotions, we can really enjoy the presence of another man and that is so healing for ourselves, for society, for women, for everyone.

Run of Show Description:

Guests checking at 4:00 pm
Guests are saged and welcome to the garden
Grounding Exercise
Setting Intention and Purpose Exercise
Release Meditation Exercise
Breathwork session
Primal Screaming
Eye-Gazing Exercise
Wrestling exercise
Men-Circle Sharing Session
Spiritual Painting by @heartbreakstudiosla
Serve vegan meal from Cafe Gratitude to attendees
Practice gratitude
Enjoy dinner, share and connect.
Closing dinner at 6:45 pm
Securing space at 7:00 pm
Let's move mountains with the hands of those who hear the call and have the bravery to answer it. Let's rise as one!

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Cut Through The BS Men's Gathering Workshop

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Cut Through The BS Men's Gathering Workshop

Ceremony Meditation


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