What we're about

WHAT, yet another cyber group??? Yes and No (at least not what you are used to)

While sharing security and risk information is a huge good thing for the cyber community overall (the government / congress “help” aside), in the end, we all need to focus more on actionable information to help us DO cyber.
We must collectively get past admiring the problem (e.g., threat, massive data breaches, etc) and work on sharing effective solutions amongst the cyber community (including privacy, et al…).

While there are several great professional security groups helping their members become more aware of the problem, the recommendations are not always easily implementable (how to get started)… Thus it seems a ‘solutions focused approach” is needed, which can also better unite the various security groups too. We won’t duplicate the great member information sharing efforts of the local security groups (ISSA, ISC2, Infragard, Houston InfoSec, etc..), just zero in on security stuff that works for your projects.

If this cyber effort sounds useful to you, your organization, then come join the effort…. It will be easy and will be low overhead and drag on your time and resources (yes, expect an RoI from this!). This group will be mostly a virtual sharing effort to start, we’ll collectively work out the sharing and communication process mechanics as we go (e.g., a common share site, web-ex, occasional meetings, etc..). NO dues, admin overhead or management functions, just sharing solutions.

---- For now, just sign up and see what happens… lurk in the background until something of interest pops up… OR you have a need and want to see who can share an execution way forward.

For starters, Let me know what you want to DO, items you need help with,
also take a peek at the cyber sharing site I maintain, as we’re not starting from scratch here!


Cyber security is serious business for us all - so ACT accordingly!