10010 - Open Mic/Workshop Night (With Q&A Session!)

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20 people going



Hey Shad0ws! This month we are going to have another workshop and open mic night.

To include, we will have a small segment devoted to Q&A where you can ask Alex (Byt3) and Collin (Unkn0wn) some cybersecurity-related questions that you may have had but were either afraid to ask (Which by the way, like I always say there are no dumb questions so never feel afraid!) or just never had the chance to ask! We will also go over some current events in which we like to call "The Monthly Mashup"!

Outside of that, Open workshop and mic nights are dedicated to collaboration! So what is an open workshop/mic night? I am glad that you asked! Are you working on a pet project, but running into problems? Don`t fret! Bring your project to the meetup and let's see your fellow Shad0ws can assist! Are you looking to start a project and would like to work with members of the group? Awesome, bring your ideas to the meetup and discuss it with fellow Shad0ws! Do you have an interesting discussion or topic you want to inform or teach the group about?
We want to know and the mic is open for you to step on stage and talk about it, it can literally be a 5-minute talk or however long you want!

We are hoping that this kind of meetup will really get the innovation juices flowing as we help each other through technical problems and come together to plan something huge!

If anyone has any recommendations on projects we can do as a whole or even thoughts about how we can make the group better, bring them to the meetup and let`s talk. Like we always say, this group is for all of us and we are all representations of the group. The more we all pitch in with ideas and suggestions to make this group better, the more we will flourish and grow!

We will have food and drinks catered courtesy of our new amazing sponsor ISSA of Las Vegas! Thank you ISSA-LV!!