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Are you a cyber-tech enthusiast? CyberArk, a world-leading cyber security company, is opening its doors!

CyberArk believes in sharing knowledge and we aim to build a cyber community in Israel. At our meetups, we’ll discuss the hottest trends in the cyber security world, and explore the culture needed to keep your product development in high quality and security.

CybeArk will host the meetups at our new offices, just a ten minute walk from the Kiryat Arie train station. Free parking available for those arriving by car.

Join our community. Learn with us.

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AWS Lambda Cookbook — Elevate Your Serverless Code


CyberArk is back with face-to-face meetups! You're welcome to come over, meet your peers, have meaningful face-to-face discussions and learn a few new things! Parking available

Serverless functions quickly become the standard for developing business-logic code for modern services. However, AWS Lambda development presents new challenges. How do we develop AWS Lambda functions effectively to be maintainable, resilient, traceable, and easy to debug?

In this meetup, you'll learn about numerous AWS Lambda best practices by diving into an open-source AWS Lambda function template Python project.

The GitHub repository template project provides an AWS Lambda handler that embodies Serverless best practices and a pipeline with many bells and whistles that belong in a production-ready serverless project.
You'll learn about logging, tracing, input validation, features flags, dynamic configuration, and how to use environment variables safely.
While the code examples are written in Python, the principles are valid to any supported AWS Lambda function programming language.

Speaker: Ran Isenberg - AWS Community Builder, a System Architect for CyberArk platform services, and the proud owner of the AWS Lambda template project and the best practices blog.

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The Battle of the Captains: Kubesploit vs Kubiscan

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