Special event during GNU Radio Con


If you will be driving and have spare seats:

• Meet at the hotel lobby at 6:00 PM

• Please leave a message in the comment below, and/or

• Use #cyberspectrum on Twitter.

We're back! We'll be having a GNU Radio Conference special event this week!

Live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1RA8eScOIs

#cyberspectrum on Freenode IRC.

A big thank you to Qualcomm (https://www.qualcomm.com/) for hosting us, and Mike Ossmann (@michaelossmann (https://twitter.com/michaelossmann)) and @abraxas3d (https://twitter.com/abraxas3d) for the connection.

Some exciting speakers will be appearing!

Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

Some speakers so far:

• The Phil Karn (@ka9q (https://twitter.com/ka9q))

Low-cost general coverage/HAM receiver for Raspberry Pi & FUNcube dongle, or other cheap SDR.

• Clayton Smith (@argilo (https://twitter.com/argilo))

By day, Clayton is a security researcher at ecommerce company Shopify, and by night a GNU Radio enthusiast and amateur radio operator (VE3IRR). He's worked on projects such as gr-dsd (digital voice), gr-qam (digital television), gr-elster (utility metering), gr-rds (radio data) and sdr-examples. Tonight he'll tell you about his recent work on HD Radio.

• Josh Blum (@pothosware (https://twitter.com/pothosware))

Interesting features in Pothos framework, how we pull in GNU Radio project, and proposed additions to the GNU Radio project.

• Alexander Chemeris (@chemeris (https://twitter.com/chemeris))

The first public demo of XTRX - a tiny high-performance miniPCIe SDR for the real world. Up to 120MSPS for simultaneous 2x2 MIMO receive/transmit.

...and more!


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