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Welcome to the Cycles 4 Hope Meetup Group!

"We truly believe that we can positively impact a life with something as simple as a bicycle and a message of hope."

About Cycles 4 Hope

Cycles 4 Hope (C4H) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in June 2008, by Shawn Holiday, and is focused on providing Hope, Independence, Opportunity & Joy to people-in-need via free bicycle services and recycled bicycles. C4H is based in Granite Bay California and serves the greater Sacramento region. As of our founding, C4H has provided over 4000 recycled bicycles to homeless and low income men, women and children. We also partner with international organizations to provide bikes and parts to other regions of the world.

Our Meetup Group

C4H started a Meetup group as a way to enable people in our community, that have a heart for serving people-in-need and a love of bicycles, to volunteer for a great cause and help provide Hope, Independence, Opportunity & Joy to people that so desperately need it.

C4H Meetups

C4H Meetups are focused on preparing donated bicycles for distribution and providing free bicycles & services to the homeless around our region.

• Wrench Nites (C4H Shop): Prepare donated bicycles for distribution. Wrench, clean & organize bicycles.

• Homeless Outreach (Sacramento): Mobile bike shop on the streets of Sacramento where we distribute bikes to the homeless and provide free bicycle repair services.

Why Join the C4H Meetup Group

• Do you you have a heart for serving people-in-need and a love for everything bicycles?

• Looking to meet and hang out with a fun group of people that love getting their hands dirty for a great cause?

• Do you believe that a bicycle and a message of Hope can positively impact as life?

• Do you want to learn how to repair bicycles and help our community at that same time?

If you replied YES to any of the above... This is your Meetup group.

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Wrench Nite

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