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What we’re about

Are you nervous about riding your road bike or hybrid in traffic? Well the Raleigh metro has miles and miles of paved Greenways which are ideal for giving your heart a good, regular workout! Cycling for Health is a meetup for conditioning and camaraderie among cyclist interested in vigorous, healthy activities. All levels of cyclist are welcome! These are not road races. No one will be dropped. The point is to begin with short, safe trips on one of Raleigh's awesome Greenways and work up to longer and longer trips in order to optimize our health.

Many cycling clubs are about leaning into it and mashing some gears. (I know, I’m a member of a few and love that sort of riding:) Cycling for Health was set up to be an alternative and is as much about camaraderie as it is about cycling. It is an opportunity for more experienced riders to offer the benefit of their experience as well as encouragement to newer cyclist. It’s also about conditioning and overall health.  In keeping with this ideal we will stop as often as is necessary to re-group so as to keep the group together.  Also, if you want to explore other sections of the Greenway or just want to add miles please wait until the conclusion of the organized ride.  I may join you:)