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Cycling in Stockholm organizes events to have fun together, getting some exercise, sharing tips and exploring new surroundings. Mostly on Saturdays and Sundays. We focus on the surroundings of Stockholm, mostly nearby pendeltåg (commuter trains where you can transport your bike). Contact me if you have tips for routes or want to co-organize!

Events are categorized into:

(a) road cycling events 40-80 km at high tempo,

(b) road cycling for beginners 30-40 km at high/moderate tempo,

(c) social cycling 20-40 km at slow tempo,

(d) mountain bike trails and gravel 20-40 km at slow tempo.

Suggested equipment:

* a suitable bike to each type of event,

* a repair kit and a pump,

* water and snacks,

* a rain jacket ):*

* your good mood.

We usually stop midway at a café for something to eat and a chance to chat with each other.

Compulsory reading:

Bring a bike suitable for each event: I will indicate whether a road racing bike, a cyclocross, a mountain bike, or a commuter/hybrid bike, is best suited for a specific event. City rental bikes and foldable bikes are not suitable for any event. We will usually ride partly on uneven surface and gravel roads (except for pure racer events).

If you sign up for an event, you are expected to participate. The following three rules are simple and clear:

1) Please do not sign up only to sign off the event just because you prioritize something else - you actually block someone else's participation.

2) Please do not skip the event without notifying me. "NO SHOW" behaviour affects everybody else in the group, because we will stand there waiting for you at the time of the event. NO SHOW is always registered and reported to Meetup. If a member performs two NO SHOWS, I reserve the right to terminate her/his membership of the group and report the member to Meetup.

3) ***** Please note that participants take part in events at their own responsibility and risk.*****

That's all the boring reading! Let's have fun!

Cycling is regulated through Trafikförordning (1998:1276)


Explanations on the regulation can be found at Cykelfrämjandet:



Many events depart from a railway station - here's a summary of the rules for bringing bikes onboard the pendeltåg (commuter train):
* Bikes can be brought on pendeltåget on Sat and Sun. Mon-Fre only during low traffic (not 06-09h and 15-18h).
* You cannot enter or exit at station Stockholm City with a bike - use another station.
* At Odenplan, you can enter via entrance Vanadisvägen (not entrance Odenplan).
* Use elevators, not escalators, to transport the bike.
Official information: https://sl.se/sv/info/resa/regler/cykel/

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